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CANADA. Australia, De Africa. UnolDalaethal1 etc., etc. OS YDYCH AM WYBOD Y FEORDD OREU A RHATAF I FINED ALLAN I UNBHYW BARTH O'R BYD, GWNEWCH YMHOLIAD A Mr. ROBERT JONES, 18, Town Hill, Wrecsam, Y SWYDDFA YMFUDOL OREU YNG NGHYMRU. Mae eisieu Canoedd o Weision Ffermwyr a MercLed Gweini ac Eraill i weithio gyda ffermwyr yn Ontario, ac yn y Talaethau Gor- Uewinol yn Canada. Cyflogau goreu. Ceir manylion a llyfrau vn rhad drwy y post. LLANDRILLO. CYNHELIR BAZAAR MEHEFIN 24ain a 25aiD, i'r am can o glirio gweddill y ddyled ar YSGOLDY Y FAERDRE ac ad- gyweirio CAPEL Y LLAN. Ceir manylion eto. IVAN T. DAVIES, Ysg. y Pwyllgor.  RTIFIEIAL Nt? h wL.  tNaBB TEETH, English and American IS" AT HOSPITAL prices, — GUARANTEED 15 YEARS WILLIAMS' Dental Institute, ANWYLFA, RUTHIN ROAD, (Opposite Infirmary) DENBIGH, Attends every Friday and Fair days at Mr. D P Davies (Photographer), Cambria House, Market Square, COR WEN and Mrs. Daniels, 10, Market Street RUTHIN, every Monday and Fairday, PAINLESS A I ?<??a?-f6? :¡Tl:g. -I GUARANTEED. ?' EVERY WOMAN Should send two stamps for our 32 page Illustrated Book, containing Valuable Information how all Irregularities and Obstructions may be entirely avoided or removed by simple means. Recommended by eminent Physicians, as the only Safe, Sure and Genuine Remedy. Never Fails. Thousands of Testimonials. Established 1862. MR. PAUL BLANOHARD, Ofaremont House, Dalston TLane, London Wanted. STRONG LAD.—Must be of good character. Apply—MR. RAMSEY, EAGLES HOTEL, CORWENI iF Where to obtain reliable and stylish Clothing at reasonable prices? f ,I ■ f I THE GREAT SPRING TIDE OF FASHION is isro w upok T-T S  ?o?u??e?ce ?o??e R? 'E 1 and are showing- their new smart and extensive ranges of LADIES' & GENTS SUITINGS For the coming season. S E N [c) FOR PATTERNS.—— ORDERS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. Ladies' and Gent's Tailoring a speciality Style and Fit Guaranteed. ?  ???&i???L??ii?<c?S%??  <?  "i¡'t¡>Y'¡'<>1v'1'¡¡. jM?thM Dms & Son, CORWEN, AND LLANGOLLEN.