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St. David's Day Dinner at…


St. David's Day Dinner at the Owen Glyndwr Hotel. On Monday evening last, a St. David's Day Dinner was given at the Owen Glyndwr Hotel, Corwen, when there were about 80 present. A splendid repast was served in fine style by Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts and the Misses Roberts. The tables were prettily decorated for the occasion. The menu was as follows:- MENU Soups. Leek Soup. Clear Soup. Fish. Cod and Parsley Sauce. Fried Sole. Anchovy Sauce. Joints Roast Beef. Horseradish Sauce. Roast Veal. Roast Mutton. Sweets. St. David's Pudding. Jellied Trifles. Charlotte Russe. Blanmanges. Vanilla Creams. Cheese. Celery. The President (Mr. Romer Wynn) proposed the Loyal Toasts, and also The immortal memory of St. David," and in doing so gave a brief history of the life of our patron saint. Mr Davies, The Bank, proposed the toast of "The President," which. was accompanied with musical honours. Mr Wynn responded, and thanked them for the warm reception accorded him. Dr. Walker proposed the toast of the "Host and Hostess," and was supported by the Rev. D. Davies, Vicar of Nerquis. During the evening, a recitation was given by Mr. Vinton; and the following songs were rendered :—'Yn nyffryn Clwyd,' Mr George Jackson, Llangollen (encored) and sang 'Drake goes West'; 'Alone on the raft,' Miss Bessie Roberts 'Y Banerwr,' Mr R. Daniels 'Ymadawiad y Brenin,' Mr E Roberts; 'Mentra Gwen' and 'Stonecracker Job n' Mr Jackson 'Hob y derri dando,' Mr D R Morris; 'Till dawn,' Miss Rowlands 'Asleep in the deep,' (encored) 'Gwalia' Mr R Davies; duet 'The keys of Heaven,' Miss Nancy Roberts and Mr. Jackson (encored); 'Arthur yn cyfodi,' Mr R. Davies 'Sergeant of the line,' Mr Jackson; 'Slave song,' Miss Annie Rowlands; 'My old shako,' Mr Jackson 'Merch y Cadben,' Mr Daniels; Friend (encored) Miss N. Roberts. Mr Bradwen Jones acted as accompanist, and his imitations on the piano of a 'Fife and drum band,' 'organ playing,' 'church bells,' 'barrel organ,' etc. were highly appreciated. A most pleasant evening was brought to a close by all joining in sieging the National Anthems.




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