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Is your hair what you want it to be, lustrous, bright and glossy; soft, silky and wavy? To have beautiful hair use Rexall "93" Hair Tonic. It's just what its name implies—a real hair tonic. It will make the hair glossy, lustrous, and more beautiful. It nourishes the scalp, stimulates the growth of the hair and keeps it free from dandruff. A few weeks' treatment will make your hair more glossy, more abundant, more beautiful, and easier to dress. If after using Rexall "93" Hair Tonic the results do not surprise and gratify you, we want you to come back and get your money. RexaU "93" Hair Tonic 2/- and 4/- Sold in this vicinity only by- W. ELLIS EYANS, M.P.S., THE REXALL PHARMACY, MEDICAL HALL, CORWEN. 1 CIRKOG. THE NINTH ANNUAL SOCIAL TEA & ENTERTAINMENT will this year be held on WEDNESDAY IN EASTER WEEK APRIL 15th, 1914. There will be a MALE VOICE PARTY COMPETITION (for parties of not less than 20 in number). TEST PIECE:— "SER Y BOREU" (DAN PRúTHEROE) Now young men here is your ———— opportunity. ———— Further particulars later. FOR SALE.-Chaff Cutter, nearly new. Set of Pony Harness. ADSAIN OFFICE. ONCERT TICKETS j £ 5 Posters Programmes PRINTED ARTISTICALLY. AND AT REASONABLE PRICES. Billheads and Memos from 5/- per 1,000. Estimates per return. 'i1111¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ CORWEN PRINTING CO. GUARANTEED PAINLESS DENTISTRY. C. H. Davies, Attends at Mrs. MILLINGTONS, Bridge St., Corwen, every FAIR £ DAY and one other FRIDAY in the month. Extractions Free when having TEETH. Badly Fitting Teeth re-made.1 Teeth Mounted on Gold, D. Alloy. All work Guaranteed. Terms arranged e- Branches at Denbigh, Oswestry and Llanfair Caerenion. Consultations FREE I No connection with any other] Dental Firm. Bristol House, CORWEN JUST ARRIVED an Excellent New Stock for this Season in Ladies & Gent's Waterproof BOOTS A GRAND SELECTION OF Holdfast, Lotus, Delta, Bective, G. Wearwell, and other well-known Brands As will be seen below a SPECIAL EFFORT has been made to keep the Prices as low as possible espec- ially when the advance in all goods has gone up very considerably. First-Class Home-Made Boots & Shoes. REPAIRS a SPECIALITY. COME and SEE the Babies' Boots & Slippers from 6Jd, Children's do. » 1/6 Ladies' Shoes „ 1/11 Ladies' Boots 2/11 Boy's Boots 09 2/11 Men's Boots „ 4/11 Children's Clogs 11 1/9 Women's do. if 3/11 Men's do. „ 4/11 Boy's Leggings „ 1/6 Men's do. „ 2/11 SPECIAL GENUINE BARGAINS TERMS CASH CORWEN: Axgimffwyd a Chyhoeddwyd gan Gwmni ArgraSu Corwen, Gogledd Cymrtt.