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The Creini Estate Sale.

I Safle y Partion yn y Senedd.…



ST. DAVID'S DAY, 1914. ——— THE ANNUAL DINNER will be held at the OWEN GLYNDWR HOTEL, CORWEN On MONDAY, MARCH the 2nd. Addresses, Songs, Solos, Duets, Penillion Singing, Harp Selection, &c. Tickets, 2s.6d. each. Further particulars later. GRAMAPHONE and RECORDS Second hand—Cheap. G. M. WILSON, London Road, Corwen. ,tilt ttt, tt tt_q_q P- s Capet y Methodistiaid, jj s CORWEN. I •y ———— w J? Traddodir j* DARLITH <? (e ??r!!<!n!?tMFrr! S !!Ann?!!?V?? iHOWEL HARRIS! IGAN Y V ?.M.H.JOm,? B.A.?? (Ton Pentre), !e ? NOS WENER, MAWRTH 13eg, 1914. | ? CADEIRYDD ? T.DUDLEY MORGAN Ysw, S N. P. BANK. ?' Drysau yn agored am 6-30 ?) I ddechreu am 7.  -:0: g ? J? Tocynau i? a 6d. 2 2 Mae'r Darlithydd yn awdurdod ucliel S! ar y testyn gan mai efe sydd wedi cae l <!• ei benodi gan Gynghrair Eglwysi Rhyddion Cymru i ysgrifenu pamphled •r phled ar achlysur dau can' mlwyddiant <»■ 2 Howel Harris. Cofier y dyddiad, sef nos Wener, Mawrth y 13eg. 'rrrrrrrri;rrr rrntiw Z WANTED. Apprentices to the Millinery, Dress- making and General Drapery Departments. Apply to O. A. LLOYD, Waterloo House, Corwen. Ladies BLANCHARD'S PILLS Are unrivalled for all Irregularities, &c., they speedily afford relief and never fail to alleviate all suffering. They supersede Pennyroyal, Pil Cochiar Bitter Apple, etc. BLANCHARD'S are the Best of all Pills for Women." Sold in boxes, 1/lf, by BOOTS' t Branches, and all Chemists, or post free, same price, from LESLIE MARTYN, Ltd, 34, Dalston Lane, LONDON. (CHEMISTS). Free Sample and Booklet Id. stamp.