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FOR SALE.—Chaff Cutter, nearly new. Set of Pony Harness. 4 ADSAIN OFFICE. y? f|, ,os 'Jrn  ??-  ?. f?e .??? S???'?? f?"  ?' Dyspepsia ?? |\f TaMets  __? then I know  that I'll be < ? able to eat irC/[\{1 three good ????HL "? meals every day without ^432$* suffering the distress that follows the faulty action of the digestive organs —an ailment most common." If you would know the real enjoyment that a hearty meal affords when properly digested- if you would add the needed strength to that weak stomach— just try a few Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets to-day. Note the general feeling of comfort that follows their use. They are an Aid to Good Digestion With each package is included a liberal supply of Rexall Gastric Tablets, to be used as a gentle laxative in conjunction with the Dyspepsia Tablets. Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets cost you nothing unless they satisfy you in every respect. Get a package to-day. 1/- and 2/- Sold in this vicinity only by W. ELLIS EVANS, M.P.S., THE REXALL PHARMACY, MEDICAL HALL, CORWEN. '— ? ? -?- — Wanted. APPRENTICE to the General Drapery.—Apply to JONATHAN DAVIES & SON, COMMERCE HOUSE, CokWEN CARHOG. THE NINTH ANNUAL SOCIAL TEA & ENTERTAINMENT i will this year be held on WEDNESDAY IN EASTER WEEK APRIL 15th, 1914. There will be a MALE VOICE PARTY COMPETITION (for parties of not less than 20 in number). TEST PIECE:— Y Gwanwyn a ddaeth (EMLYN EVANS). Now young men here is your ———— opportunity. ———— Further particulars later. HOUSE TO LET-3, Edeyrnion Terrace, Corwen. Apply- Commerce House, Corwen CONCERT II.CKETS fell Posters 9 PRINTED i I ARTISTICALLY J,. AND AT REASONABLE PRICES. Billheads and Memos from 5/- per 1,000. ?<??????????X?<?<???''M'?"' <' Estimates per return, •{ /rrrrrrrrrrr$- CORWEN PRINTING CO. GUARANTEED PAINLESS DENTISTRY. C. H. Davies, Attends at Mrs. MILLINGTONS, Bridge St., Corwen, every FAIR": DAY and one other FRIDAY in the month. Extractions Free when having TEETH. Badly Fitting Teeth re-ma-de." Teeth Mounted on Gold, D. Alloy. All work Guaranteed. Terms arranged e- Branches at Denbigh, Oswestry] and Llanfair Caerenion. ° Consultations FREE I No connection with any other Dental Firm. Bristol House, CORWEN JUST ARRIVED an Excellent New Stock for this Season in Ladies & Gent's Waterproof BOOTS ir? 0 AWA  A GRAND SELECTION OF Holdfast, Lotus, Delta, Bective, G. Wearwell, and other well-known Brands As will be seen below a SPECIAL EFFORT has been made to keep the Prices as low as possible espec. ially when the advance in all goods has gone up very considerably. First-Class Home-Made Boots & Shoes. REPAIRS a SPECIALITY. COME and SEE the Babies' Boots & Slippers from 6Jd. Children's "do. 1/6 Ladies' Shoes 1/11 Ladies' Boots 2/11 Boy's Boots ,,2/11 h,'§ Boots <thtldren s Clogs. 1/9 Women's do. 3/11 Men's do. 4/11 Boy's Leggings 1/6 Men's do. ••• 2/11 SPECIAL GENUINE BARGAINS TERMS CASH CORWEN Argraffwyd a Chyhoeddwyd gan Gwmni Argraffu Corwen, Gogledd Cyuaru.