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CORWEN. Pierrots' Concert.-A grand variety concert in aid of the Corwen Nursing Association was held on Wednesday evening last at the Corwen Pavilion. There was a good attendance, and the concert proved a great success throughout. The principal artistes were Mrs. Ross Wallis, Mr. Ross Wallis, Mr. Ted Davies, Mr. Albert Davies, all of Wrexham; assisted by the Corwen Pierrots, viz.—Mrs. D. Jones, Misses W Edwards, Nora Roberts, Annie Rowlands, Blodwen Derbyshire, Gwennie Derbyshire, Margaret Parry, Gwendolen Foulkes-Jones; Messrs R James Jones, L E Rees, Frank Owen, J H Evans, Edward Roberts, Fox Davies, T Edwards, David Jones, Pryce Atkinson, T. Morrice, P Thomas, G Humphreys, W Vinton. Mr W. Brad wen Jones, acted as accompanist. Mr. Ted Davies proved himself an excellent producer, having frequently visited Corwen at great personal inconvenience to train the Pierrots. Mrs. Davies, Bank House, most efficiently discharged the duties of honorary secretary. The chair was taken at 8 p.m. by R. Vaughan Wynn, Esq. of Rug. The following high-class programme was rendered and as to the merit of the performance suffice to say that fifteen of the items were encored :-Opening chorus Quaker Girl, Pierrots; song "King George," Mr Pryce Atkinson; song Invitation," Miss Nora Roberts; song Mamie May," Mr Albert Davies song and chorus "Military Mary Ann" Mr Edward Roberts; song "Oysters and Clams," Mrs Ross Wallis song Mr T Davies; song and chorus Only a faded rose," Miss Annie Rowlands; song Home again, home again, Mr Ross Wallis; song and chorus "Hey, Ho, can't you hear the steamer," Mrs. D. Jones exhibition of the Tango Dance by Mrs. Ross Wallis and Mr. Albert Davies song and chorus "Keep off the grass," Mr Fox Davies song "On the Mississippi," Mr Frank Owen; song Miss Brown come to town," Mrs Ross Wallis'; song and chorus Little Miss Llewelyn," Miss Gwennie Derbyshire; duett "Our little farm," Mr and Mrs Ross Wallis; duett and chorus The wedding glide," Miss Blod wen Derbyshire and Mr L. E. Rees song The reason," Miss Nora Roberts men's chorus" Correct," The Pierrots. During the interval, Mr R Vaughan Wynn delivered a most able address in which he re- ferred to the excellent and noble wbrk done by the Nurse in allaying suffering amongst our unfortunate fellow-beings; the cause of the Nursing Association is a deserving one, and he believed that all present that evening were united for its welfare. As to the even- ing's performance he was delighted with it, and he jocularly hinted to the audience not to applause too much for fear the performers would leave Corwen for London. The greatest praise was due to Mrs Davies for organising the concert and the Pierrots for their admir- able performance. At the close of his address Mr. Wynn asked for three cheers for Mrs. Davies, and the vast audience heartily re- sponded. After the Tango Dance, Mrs. Ross Wallis was presented with a beautiful bouquet by Mrs Vaughan Wynn. Dr. Walker proposed vote of thanks to the ladies and gentlemen who took part in the programme, to Mrs. Davies (the organiser), Mr and Mrs Ross Wallis, Mr Ted Davies (the producer), Mr Albert Davies, Mr Bradwen Jones (the accompanist), and Mr R. Vaughan Wynn (the president). He also congratulated Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan Wynn, and welcomed Mrs Vaughan Wynn to their midst; the speaker stated that the Rug Family had always taken a keen interest in the Nursing Association and he wished to couple them in the vote of thanks. Mr. T. Lloyd Jones seconded the vote of thanks, which was unanimously passed. Mr Vaughan Wynn, in returning thanks, said he could do nothing better than to present his wife to the meeting. The audience gave Mrs. Vaughan Wynn a most enthusiastic and cordial welcome. A letter was read from Mr. Lloyd, Rhagatt, regretting his inability to attend owing to indisposition, and wishing the movement every success. The Hon. Secretary desires to thank Mr Ted Davies (the producer), Mr. W. Bradwen Jones (the accompanist), and all those who took part in the programme, also all who so kindly helped by selling tickets, and with the decorations, etc. We understand that a handsome amount will be handed over to the Nursing Fund, which will be a very creditable record. A most enjoyable evening was brought to a close by the singing of Hen Wlad fy Nhadau." .¡

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