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Cymdeithas Amaethyddol Edeyrnion.I



Corwen Parish Council. The Council will on Friday the 6th of March, 1914, proceed to the appointment of an Assistant Overseer and Clerk to the Council. The remuneration will be £65 in addition to the usual allowances for preparing Lists of Voters and Lists of Jurors, &c. The Person appointed will be required to devote the whole of his time to the duties of the office-to issue and publish the various Notices prescribed by Acts of Parliament; Prepare and Collect all Rates; Record the Minutes of the Parish Council and Parish Meetings; Act as Registrar under the Burial Acts; Attend all Parish Meetings and be generally versed in the requirements of the Local Government Acts. The successful Candidate must enter into a Bond with approved Security in the penal sum of 1500 or a Guarantee Bond. Applications with two recent Testimonials to reach me by Thursday, March 5th. HUGH MORRIS, Chairman of the Council. February 6th, 1914. 8 Capel y Methodistiaid, 2 S CORWEN. ff •P 1 —————— ?! 5 Traddodir 2 ? ir? ?Y?TT "smrBW ? ? DARLITH := ? <* •9 AR (• ? HOWEL HARRIS •j GAN Y § Parch. M. H. JONES, B.A. S (Ton Pentre), { £ NOS WENER, MAWRTH 13eg, 1914. !| Jr = <t «>) CADEIRYDD: J | 2 T. DUDLEY MORGAN Ysw., S N. P. BANK. ]| n li ■ 2 S Drysau yn agored am 6-30 < I •0 I ddechreu am 7. (| s. It s 2 Tocynau 1/- a 6d. <• 3 <* mrrrmrm- ^rrrrrrrr S WANTED. Apprentices to the Millinery and General Drapery Departments. Apply to O. A. LLOYD, Waterloo House, Corwen. Os oes arnoch eisieu argraphu ARGRAPHU Pamphledau, ARGRAPHD. gsgrr.: Rhagleni, Tocynau, etc., etc. yn ddestlus a rhad, anfonwch i Swyddfa'r' Adsain.' Xiadies BLANCHARD'S PILLS Are unrivalled for all Irregularities, &c., they speedily afford relief, and never fail to alleviate all suffering. They supersede Pennyroyal, Pil Cochia, Bitter Apple, etc. BLANCHARD'S are the Best of all Pills for Women." Sold in boxes, 1/1$, by BOOTS' Branches, and all Chemists, or post free, same price, from LESLIE MARTYN, Ltd, 34, Dalston Lane, LONDON. (CHEMISTS). Free Sample and Booklet Id. stamp.