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HM ff? M?? BNs! ?f?. '?*? ??VW Hake Money OUT OF YOUR OLD Hot Water Bottle. An Extraordinary Offer We will allow you is. (One Shilling for your OLD HOT WATER BOTTLE) BRING US YOUR OLD HOT WATER BOTTLE no matter what make or whether it leaks or not. We will allow you Is. for it in exchange for a Rexall Hot Water Bottle that sell regularly at 3/11, 5/6, 6/6 and 7/6. REXALL HOT WATER BOTTLES ARE MADE OF REAL RUBBER, and are guaranteed for two years-are exclusive in design, and of a rich chocolate or deep red colour. They have no canvas lining that quickly perishes, but are real rubber from end to end, and like all other Rexall Rubber goods are guaranteed to give satisfactory service. When we say that we sell Rubber goods almost as cheaply in many instances as our competiors can. by them, we are stating facts that you should take notice of. We are exclusive agents in CORWEN, not only for the Rexall Real Rubber Hot Water Bottles, but also for the Enema Syringes, Douches, and all rubber goods. NOTE.—This offer holds good for 10 days only, from Thursday the 5th to Saturday the 14th inclusive. W. E. EVANS, OHEMIST, MEDICAL HALL, CORWEN