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OARROG. PRESENTATION TO THE REV. AND MRS. REES JONES. On Friday evening, January 16th, Carrog National School was crowded by a most enthusiastic audience who had assembled to witness the Presentation to the Rev. and Mrs. Rees Jones on his retirement from the Rector- ship. The movement had been on foot for the last three months, and the presentation was to have taken place in December, but on the request of the Rev. Rees Jones it was postponed until January to enable his eldest son, the Rev. A. Hill Jones, to be present. The event has been the most interesting topic of conversation for some time, and our Nonconformist friends were quite, if not more eager to show their appreciation of the excel- lent work done by the Rev. and Mrs. Jones during their residence here for thirty years. Mr Godfrey Parry, Pengwern, well describes the feeling of the parishioners of all sects in his letter regretting his inability to attend the meeting :—" I do not remember a stronger and more deserving case for a testimonial than this, and strange, I have not heard a H murmur against it, which is very unusual with testimonials." The chairman of the meeting was Mr. Lloyd of Rhagatt, and he was supported on the stage by the following r- gentlemep., viz. Mr. Edward Jones, Park Shop (Rev. Rees Jones Mr Edward P. Jones, Cileurych (vice- chairman of the committee); Rev. T. LI. Williams (rural dean); Rev. J. Bowen (the new rector); Dr. Walker, Corsren; and Mr. W. E. Williams, The Cottage (treasurer). The Address was read and presented by Mr F. Davies (the secretary); and the Purse con- taining £ 85 by Mrs. Lloyd of Rhagatt. The Rev. Rees Jones, who was very deeply affected, returned thanks. The Rev. A. Hill Jones returned thanks for his mother. The following gentlemen delivered excellent speeches dealing with the life and work of the Rev. and Mrs. Rees Jones during the time they had been at Carrog, and expressing the heartiest wishes that they should live to enjoy their well earned rest:—Rev. T. Ll. Williams (rural dean); Rev. J. Bowen Dr. Walker; Mr. Edw. Jones Mr. W. E. Williams Mr. E. Price Jones; Rev. G. Williams (Corwen); and Mr. James Morris (churchwarden). Letters were received from Rev. R. Trevor Hughes (Glyndyfrdwy), and Mr. G. Parry (Pengwern), regretting their inability to attend the meeting owing to illness. ¡ Mr. E. P. Jones proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the Chairman, Committee, Collect- ors, Subscribers and all who had in any way helped forward the presentation. We were very glad indeed to see Mr. Lloyd of Rhagett, able to take part in the meeting, and many were the congratulations expressed to him on his recovery from his recent serious illness. The Committee and Collectors are to be congratulated on the success of the meeting, and in having collected the magnificent sum of 188 4s. 6d. No doubt it has involved a tremendous lot of work for the subscriptions had been obtained from all parts of the country far and near. The purse was the gift of Mr. Lloyd of Rhagatt, and was obtained by Miss Williams, The Cottage. It was of white silk mounted with silver clasp and chain. Embroidered in crimson silk was the following inscription To the Rev. and Mrs. Rees Jones, from Friends and Well-Wishers.-1913." Copy of the Illuminated Address :— To the Rev. and Mrs. Rees Jones, Llansantffraid G.D. Rectory, (Carrog). It is with much regret we have heard that you are about to terminate your connection with this Parish after nearly thirty years of devoted work as Rector. During that period you both by your kindliness 'of fheart, and your many other good qualities have endeared yourselves to your Parishioners and to your numerous Friends outside the Parish. On behalf of your Parishioners and Friends we beg that you will accept this expression of our high esteem and regard, as well as our appreciation of your past services, together with the Purse of money which we have the pleasure of presenting to you. Wishing you and your family every bless- ing, and yourselves many years to enjoy your earned rest. We remain on behalf of the Committee. Yours faithfully, EDWARD OWEN VAUGHAN LLOYD, Chairman. E. PRICE JONES, Vice-Chairman. W. E. WILLIAMS, Treasurer. FREDERICK DAVIES, Secretary. THOMAS E. MORRIS, Churchwarden. JAMES MORRIS, Churchwarden.