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THE WESLEYANS' ANNUAL SOCIAL will be held on WEDNESDA Y, Feb. 25, 1914 Further particulars in future editions. SALES BY MESSRS. DAVID ROBERTS & SON Corwen, Denbigh, Llangollen and Dolgelley. ON TUESDAY, JAN. 20th, 1914, (Corwen Fair Day), at The Corwen Smithfieldi Rubber Tyred Gig; Harness; and sundry items of Furniture. Sale at 3 o'clock prompt. ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21st, 1914 -at- Tan-y-ffordd, Bonwm, Corwen, Sale of Furniture Useful Dairy Cow also, Quantity of Hay, &c., by instructions of the Representatives of Mrs. Jones. Sale at One o'clock. ON FRIDAY, JAN. 23rd, 1914, -at the— Malt House, Corwen, Important Sale of Machinery; Building Plant and Material; Coach-building Effects; Con- tents of Smithy; Paint Shop, &c., &c. by order of the Representatives of the late Mr. Hugh Owen, Builder and Contractor. For further particulars see Sale Posters and Catalogues. Sale at 11 o'clock prompt. Terms-Cash. Auctioneers' Offices :— Corwen, Denbigh and Dolgelley. 1.Al1 -.n_ PRELIMINARY NOTICE. A GRAND Operatic CN CERT I (By kind permission of Mr. Charles Manners), Will be held in —on— MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd, 1914, In aid of the Nurse Fund." Hon. Treasurer :—Mrs. G. Mainwaring. Hon. Secretary :—Mrs. Amey Jones. FREE FREE FREE -I iigfTjj, (gipli should t?' 2 stamps for 2/9 Packet of our Celebrated Reguline Powders a guaranteed remedy for all distressing ailments. These excellent powders give relief in a few hours, and for over 20 years have proved the most reliable cure. Their occasional use will ensure sound regular health. Once tried you will never be without them. Try them at our expense. Send to-day. Address- THE MANAGERESS, 106, LIVERPOOL ROAD, ISLINGTON, LONDON. GRIND CONCERT Will be held in the PAVILION, CORWEN, On WEDNESDAY, FEB. 4th, 1914 ARTISTES:— MRS. ROSS WALLIS, MR. TED DAVIES, AND THE CORWEN PIERROTS. Orchestra Leader, Mr. Bradwen Jones. Proceeds towards the Nursing Fund. Further particulars in future advertisements. ^BMBB^BfHifliUJakiHauM—«l»«ra<MM^aaiu*ywWp||HH||i 8m: x..dî1S BLANCHARD'S PILLS Are unrivalled for all Irregularities, &c., they speedily afford relief and never fail to alleviate all suffering. They supersede Pennyroyal, Pil Cochia, Bitter Apple, etc. BLANCHARD'S are the Best of all Pills for Women." Sold in boxes, 1/1, by BOOTS' Branches, and all Chemists, or post free, same price, from LESLIE MARTYN, Ltd, 34, Dalston Lanel LONDON. (CHEMISTS). Freo Sample and Bocklet Id, .'u; p, CAPEL Y BEDYDDWTR, CORWSH. SOCIAL TEA ? ? ? ??:i.A? A ,& ?, A Chyfarfod Cystafaol DYDO MiERCHER, I0MAWR 28, 1914. Cymerir rhan gan y Rydal Juvenile Action Party Enillwyr deirgwaith yn olynol yn Eis- teddfodau New Brighton Tower. Hefyd, hwy oedd yn perfformio yn Nghyngherdd diweddaf Eisteddfod Gadeiriol Corwen. Yn ystod y Cyfarfod cymer Cystadleuaeth Corau Meibion le ar ddatganu "SER Y BOREU (Dan Protheroe) Gwobr £2 2S. a Chwpan Arian i'r Arweinydd Bydd yr Entries yn cau, Ion. Slain. Beirniad-Mr. J. E. MORRIS, Llangollen. Llywydd-Dr. ROBERTS, Llys Alwen. Tocynau-To a Chyngherdd, la6ch.; ail, Is. Cyngherdd yn unig, Is. Te ar y byrddau o 4-30 hyd 6-30 yr hwyr. Dechreuir y Cyngherdd am 6-45. Ceir pob manylion gan T. Edwards, Ysg.