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DENTAL SURGERY MR. R. HANLON OF RHYL, Attends Corwen every First Friday in each month and Fair Days. 12 to 6 p.in SAMUEL JC-'HESft, Confectioner, PAINLESS EXTRACTIONS,  H?? M ? 6'?t?t??jin)'?'M?? j?3B? ? ?J? ? iETWt?& H ?B ? a ?3? A.&. <? ?aM ? E?M S?? ?5S? —FiLLHCTS, —r ■ ■ Artificial Teeth. XIoJ[.}.5:Î:!vr:.(.f.(..¡:;¡.¡¡.¡¡.jj.1l3õl.j.;t;LN.IW1'P:!PI>1!1;f'o"UII;'(,iItI"¡:¡'4'I'.uw;<U''L-m'¡'u.¡>,I;I;W J i C f:' m i"j;¡;;¡ i r'1 ií ¡¡!i;¡¡¡¡ i J .,¡I 1/1'1"- J ;i', i _c I } ¡ -»" OI' l 1 I e  2 i (iv AUAPr"^T7r 4 sTocE,i ? l 1 )i ;1\ i:J tf !i Ji1 øtV i liI\;AlA- lJLt} J' JL Latest 19t3Modals. i 1 I f b  I ""liD !I: In "n'" 1/! DOUBLE 1/6 | ■ •^ 12 New Welsh Zonophone    ,1,1 I  Records 10 in. Double Sided 2/6. 'wtiHMimiimmniiHiiiiiimmiiHiiiiiijtisiimrrrsniii, \I' I. ''f ) Mrs. WILSON, < (Opposite Police S-tation)CORYIENO ) LONDON ROAD, l 3*- r' G ,D NE Y .R T  ? SELECTION  J? 1 \J 1  V OF V ■' 7*3 r T^pi ■ c r"~ v 1 %*3!ar P* "■ "■■ m AND A N CY GOODS r -A -a.. l' '< C' IT lø> \L' 1? L.?  Also Smoker's Requisites, WEDDING KINGS, Handsome Present given with each Ring Cheapest Houso in Wales for every description of Watch, Clock and Jewellery Repairs. Every Repair warranted for 12 months. W. TT STANSFIELD GOEWEN.