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Marwolaeth Miss HANNAH EVANS,…



FOR SALE. Four-Wheel Fhseton, very light, as new.. 4 ADSAIN OFFICE. A Unionist Demonstration (under the auspices of the North Wales Division of the National Unionist Associa- tion of Conservative and Liberal Unionist Associations) will be addressed by ARTHUR STEEL-MAITLAND, Es? M.P. 00EI QGHDE1000EI, USED., W. H. WILLIAMS, Esq., ED. 0. V. LLOYD, Esq., J.P., '++ R. VAUGHAN WYNN, Esq., J.P, in WELSH and ENGLISH, at The PAVILION, CORWEN, ON 1 TEDNESDA y, 21ST JAN., 1914. A A A Chairman :-The Right Hon. LORD HARLECH. tss- Doors Open at 5 p.m., to Commence at 6 p.m. -sn, Seats will be reserved on the Platform for subscribers of 2/6., and a limited number in the body of the Hall for subscribers of 1/- Applications for Subscribers' Pickets to be made to MB ROMTTP WYNN, T»A& C.rA Tr? twi:U r? Seats will be allotted in strict order of application A Tram will leave for ? enbigh and IntermedIate stations at 8-30 p.m. Useful § )??M?) SS??? n ??/' I New ITear Presents 1 ? a??B%? !& JttH    ??? xm!?  | IN GREAT VARIETY f ? WW TE3??????Es??2ES???tc3???B?iaL?BSb?!?S? & J| Vy TAjL.RL?JfLJFLj TJL Y JL S? ??? AJ.   ? ?? iT ? AT /?T?T?  I jo. A. LLOYD'S | I ?  I Waterloo Boase, Cor?ren. ? @