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The Electric Theatre. I


The Electric Theatre. I Long queues of eager picture patrons in evi- dence each day of the Christmas holiday week were ample testimony to the splendid film pro- grammes presented at the Merthyr Electric Theatre. Nor are next week's shows a wit- less attrac- tive. Exceptionally thrilling is the star feature for Monday, A 'Munition Girl 's Romance." the players in which include: Violet Hopson and Gregory Scott- in the leads, with Mr. H. Sykes, the most intrepid of Bn t'diln IS famous airmen, who makes his appearance by special permission of the Whitehead Aircraft Co. This is the storv of the film: Lady Eileen Harrison, daughter of Sir John (President of the. Air Board) is working at an a ireraft factory under' the assumed name of "Jenny Jones." George Brandon, head draughtsman, and Hugo Hickman, an overseer, her two most ardent admirers, are- unfriendly owing to Brandon tuming down plans of a worthless machine invented by Hickman. At a meeting of the Air Board it is decided to place the plans 0f a new aeroplane with Brandon for completion. Information is received by Ger- man agents, who, in order to obtain the plans, use Hickman as a tool. IT ntiware that he is as- j sisting the enemy Hickman steals the, plaiiis, and is in turn robbed by the German agents, who- ar- ranged by wireless for a German aeroplane dis- guised with British markings to take the plans to Germany. On her way to work Jenny sees the spies carrying the plans. She, ,follows and sees them handed to the German airman. She hurries to her firm's aerodrome close by, and an English machine goes up and brings down the German after an exciting struggle. The spies are captured and Jenny recovers the plans, which she hands to Brandon, who makes an ap- pointment with her for the evening. An invita- tion from the President of the Air Board com- pels Brandon to break his appointment with Jenny. He goes to the President's hOiUse and finds out who Jenny is. Soon after their mar- riage, the first of the new machines, before leaving for; France, is named after her, Jenny Jones." .From Thursday onwards the bill will be topped by a delightful picturisation of the song Annie Laurie," taken in the hills and dales of Scot- land. There will also be one of Chaplin's most hilarious extravaganzas, "The Count." Each show also includes a fine selection of comedy, travel, news and serial films. For the coming year the management have booked the biggest of the new releases in the picture world--films more ambitious in conception than even the great productions featured by them in the past, and which will ensure for them the lead -as al- ways they have-in the cinema. business of the district.

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