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" S . L b " i "Swamping Labour."


S L b Swamping La b our." CONCENTRATION OF TOWN COUNCIL MEETINGS. THE PROPOSAL DEFEATED. Labour opposed a proposal that the committee meetings of the Merthyr Town Council should take place on two days each month. The motion, down in the name of Mr. Gomer Thomas, was considered at Friday's meeting of the Corporation, the Mayor (Mr. N. F. Hankev* J.P.) presiding. A deputation from the Trades and Labour Council, consisting of Messrs. Hugh Williams, W. Harris and Idris Davies, attended. Putting the Labour point of view, Mr. Wil- liams said that the position as far as he under- stood it was an attempt to "swamp" the La- bour section, and his appeal was that such a suggestion should be shelved and the" party truce," as in Parliamentary spheres, observed. Were this move carried out, the principle would create an ugly combination to stir up greater unrest than already existed. Meetings held at hours earlier than those now in force would mean the workers' representatives on the Cor- poration would have to "lose work to attend. Coal-mining was an industry of national import- ance and the output a matter of vital necessity. Thus, withdrawing a number of men from their occupation in the mines to attend Corporation meetings, would be a national disservice. And if these men were compelled to lose a. day's work" or more (as the motion certainly would) the Trades Council—it was no secret that the Trades Council made some recompense to their representatives, though not their full wages equivalent—would in turn be compelled to spend more money in compensation for time lost for which there would be no need, a not to be de- sired matter when the plea for greater economy was remembered. He appealed to them as avowed patriots to suspend any hostility they might harbour towards Labour until after the war. Mr. ldria Davies stated that it was the duty of every citizen to take part in municipal acÍ- ministration, and were they to accept this truism they could only grant out of fairness facilities for all grades of the community to fulfil that ob- ligation. He thought it would be tantamount to an act of disfranchisement of Labour men if Mr. Thomas' proposals were adopted. Mr. H. M. Lloyd, requested by Mr. Thomas to lying forward his motion during his unavoid- able absence, made the assurance that the mo- tion was in no way a move antagonistic to La- bour, but conceived to economise time, by con- vening as many of the meetings as possible on one or two days. As Mr. Thomas was not pre- sent perhaps (lie suggested) it would be just as well to defer the matter. Mr. Lloyd's suggestion was ruled out of order, a-sd on a vote the motion was loet.

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