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:— JJSC Abercynon Notes. Co-op. and Parliament. 4 CO-Op. and Parlîament.. A special general meeting of the Ynysybwl ( Co-operative Society was held on Wednesday last at the Lesser Hall. The first matter to be discussed was the recent arbitration between the South Wales Societies and the A.U.C.E. The chairman, W. Watkiiis, explained that after the arbitrator made his award a conference of societies was called, and this confe-rence failed to agree to carry out the award. The Management Committee therefore decided^ to increase the wages of their employees by Ti • for married and 3s. for unmarried persons. Some of the employees had taken this advance, but others bad refused. Many members took part in Á the discussion, from which it was obvious that- Abercynon was in favour of honourably carry' ■f 1n.g oilt the award. A vote showed 7$in favour y- of tIn8 (,olrsp and four against. The question of Direct Representation was then introduced and discussed at some length. It was agreed to assisft. in forming Councils for the purpose of selecting or approving of candi- dates for the Parliamentary Elections. It way *o t-o the ?r agreed to affiliate to the Trades and Labour' Councils in the areas covered by the Society. S.W.M.F. At a general meeting held on Thursday, N •following were elected to the Lodge Committe, Ed. Evans and Thos. Williams. Mr. W. JenkiJ was appointed auditor. Mr. W. Rowlands was elected vice-chairman. The result of the recent ballot was given, which showed that all the' officers were re-elected: Mr. Chas. Maddos, secretary; Mr. Thos. Daviee, chairman: Mr. Geo. Evans, treasurer; and Mr. Witi. Reynolds, com; pensation secretary.