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Mr. Snowden's Question


Mr. Snowden's Question MR. SNOWDEN'S QUESTION. Mr. Snowden asked in the House of Commons on Monday whether, in view of President Wil- son's statement to Congress that America did not wish to impair or rearrange the Austro- Hungarian empire and desired to secure for the people of the Turkish Empire the right and op- portunity to make their own fortunes secure against oppression and injustice and the dicta- tion of foreign Courts, it was intended to revise the war aims of the Allies. Mr. Balfour said the first part of the question dealt with President Wilson's Note, with which he did not think it was his business to deal. As to the last part of the question, the Government had consistently expressed its intention of con- ferring with the Allies on the subject of revising their war aims. » Mr. King: Why has not the Council met for ,the revision of war aims, as requested by Russia- again and again? There was no reply to the question.

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