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I The Spleen of Opposition MEAN QUESTIONS IN THE COMMONS. CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS AS SCHOOL TEACHERS. in the House of Commons on Monday Mr. TV. Joynson-Hicks (U—Brentford asked the President of the Board of Education wlietner, now that the House had directed that conscientious objectors should be disfranchised, he would issue an order preventing them acting" as teachers in elementary and secondary schools, where they had far more opportunities for evil than in any other position. Mr. Fisher (Minister of Education): I have no authority to issue any such order. MI'. Joynson-Hicks asked whether Mr. Fisher would issue circular to the local authorities pointing out the danger of allowing these doc- trines to be taught in the schools. Mr. Fisher: It would be, a grave breach of trust for any teacher to seek. to promote pacifist or any other political doctrines in the schools. I can assure the hon. memoer that the com- plaints tha-t have reached me of teachers having so acted are few and far between. Answering a further question Mr. Fisher said he had no official knowledge of what action was taken in such cases. There was no-direct relation between the State and the teacher under our system, though there was under the Prussian, and the matter might safely be left to the local education authorities. (Hear, hear. ) Mi. J. G. Butcher (e--York) asked whether the example set by certain teachers was not very piejudacial; and whether the right hon. gentle- man would advise the local authorities to dis- pense with their services. Mr. P. Snowden (Lab.—Blackburn): Will the right hon. gentleman take into consideration the issuing of an instruction to the local authori- ties that it should be a condition of employment of a teacher that he should declare he is a Tory and a Jingo(Cheers.) Colonel C. E. Yate (U—Melton): Does the right hon. gentleman rank patriotism as a poli- tical doctrine ? The Speaker; Weare getting into de bate.

Mr. Snowden's Question

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