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I " Living Wage."

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Pontycymmer Notes. I Who Pays for War? -1 -1 n A branch meeting of the Uar-vv Valley I.L.P. was held at the Ffaldau Institute on Monday, December 3rd, Comrade Will Jones in the chair. The leaflet, Who pays for the War? was dis- cussed, Comrade W. Hengoed leading off. A good discussion resulted, all being of the opinion that the workers had to shoulder the debt as well as give their lives, so that the Capitalist may batten and pile up still more riches. The I only alternative was felt to be the conscription of wealth, as life had been conscripted. Kneeshaw's Meeting. On Thursday, December 6th, Councillor Knee- shaw, of Birmingham, addressed a meeting at the .Ffaldau Institute, the subject being The Makers of War and the Makers of Peace." Com- rade Will Jones was in the chair, Comrade Knee- shaw kept the crowd very interested by stating facts regarding the Mesopotamia blunders, and ended up by saying there was no greater cowards than those who governed us, and those respon- sible for the war, who sent eighteen-year-old youths out to fight their battles. Literature sold well, some, new members made, and a good col- lection. Where is the Food Control Committee? Tea, sugar, butter, margarine, bacon, and tinned milk are scarce, and only obtainable at prices above the maximum. Pork, for instance, is l sold at Is. 7d. for best joints, while bacon is 2s. 6d. and 2s. 8d. per lb. Why this difference ?j

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