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I Avan Valley Notes. (BY DEMOCRITUS). Miss Pailister's Appeal. Miss Pa-lli: ster's appeal for assistance for the dependants of C.O.s should meet with a generous response during Chrisitmastide. The multifarious appeals for funds for soldiers and their dependants are generously, and not too generously met; everybody, including the much traduced pacifist, contributing freely to afford a little Yuletide clieet- to the meuwho are fighting, but whilst the pacifists are always ready to aid the soldiers and their dependants, the vast majority who reject a negotiated peace scornfully refuse to help the dependants of con- scientious objectors; consequently the public to whom Mies jPallister can with any hope of suc- cess appeal, is a very small public, which ma.kes it incumbent on every member of that public to contribute his, or her mite in answer to the appeal. This is the season of goodwill, and to deny C.O.s and their dependants, especially the chil-! dren, the little cheer obtainable will certainly not be very creditable to those who believe in the sincerity of C.O.s. Who'll Take the Hat Round? In some parts of the Avon Valley the response for help for C.O.s has been met very heartily; men working only three and four days a week, and with home responsibilities, contributing ex- ceedingly generously, but other parts where lip sympathy is very prevalent have not shown an equal readiness to subscribe. The I.L.P. has, in some instances, shouldered some of the responsibilities of maintenance, but there are instances where this devotion has been lacking. It may be that this sin of omission is due to lack of organisation, and of volunteers to do the work of collecting so now, who'll take the hat round for a good cause ? Tom Richardson in Form. Mr. Tom Richardson, M.P., gave a very fine address at the Dockers' Hall on Friday evening last, and those privileged to hear him were amply rewarded for any sacrifice they may have made to attend the meeting. In the absence of Harry Davies (Cwmavon), Councillor Davies (Taibaoli) presided in his usual inimitable way. Kneeshaw Great, but Singing- I Mr. Kneeshaw, of Birmingham, finished up a most successful series of meetings in the district, at the Dockers' Hall, on Sunday evening. His visit to South Wales is under the auspices of the U.D.C., and right well did our robust and genial comrade, future Parliamentary representative for East Birmingham, wield the sword of truth and justice. He dealt trenchantlly and logically with the anomalies of British precept and prac- tice, and imbued his hearers with the conviction that Prussianism is not idigenous to German soil. The chairman of the meeting was a sturdy son of Ireland, who possesses all the potentialities of a successful orator. The singing at the meet- ing was—well, excruciating would be a mild term. The Men of Harrlech" was pulverized out of all semblance to its original mode, and with anguished groans the appeal went forth: w here, oh where, are those new hymn books, with words and music, which Mr. Ivor Thomas has promised to issue ? Hard Work Telling. The few stalwarts of the Aberavon branch ot the I.L.P. deserye a word of praise for the in- defatiga,ble manner in which they have, under great difficulties, kept the movement alive at their reactionary town. Their perseverance is gradually making itself felt in the shape of new members. Snobbish respectability, with a too great tendency towards subserviency have always characterised the inhabitants of Ye Ancient Bor- rough, with the result that the work of in- creasing I.L.P. membership has proved a diffi- cult task. However, as continual dropping of water will wear away a stone, so the faithful activity of our comrades is evidently infusing a spirit of manly independence into the hearts of those who are not absolutely hopeless. 27C. Protest. The meeting organised by the Aberavon L.R.C. at the Grand Theatre last Sunday afternoon to protest against the Government's new act of despotism regarding the censoring of leaflets, and against the sufferings entailed by the unequal distribution and scarcity of food-stuffs, was a distinct success. Two resolutions were submitted to, and car- ried bv the meeting without a dissentient voice.

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