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I " Living Wage."

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Maesteg Notes. I Important Notice. I Owing to the presecuition of our Comrade R. C. Wallhead, he could not fulfil his engagement ,at Maesteg on Monday last. This is very unfor- tunate, as aU the tickets printed are out and very few not sold. However, the I.L.P. branch has decided to obtain Wallhead for the first available date after the case has been heard, and the tickets will hold good for that meeting. Look out for further notice. Coun. J. W. Kneeshaw in Great Form. I On Wednesdiav last Comrade Kneeshaw, of Birmingham paid his long-expected visit to Maesteg I.L.P. and spoke at the Co-operative Lecture Hall to a fair crowd, which would have undoubtedly have been bigger but for the un- fortunate altering of the date after the bills had been posted on the hoardings from the top, to bottom of the district. Those who heard the "burly bricklayer of Brum," aire desirous of hearing him again shortly. His subject was "War and Diplomacy." He dealt very effec- tively with Secret Diplomacy and showed how wars were brought about without the knowledge of the people, who had to pay for the intriguing of their diplomatists in life, limbs and money. He took us through the diplomacy which led to the British occupation of Egypt, the intriguing of diplomats over Persia, showing how the Per- sians suffered at the hands of the Czar of Russia and his satellites, without a word of protest from the British overnment. which was pledged by a treaty to defend Persia from outside forces, but not to interfere in Persian domestic affairs, rather backed up Russia in her actions. He stated that what the Germans had done in Bel- gium was bad enough, but we had yet to learn that they had been as bad as Russia in Persia, or as France in Morroceo when we bombarded Casa Blanco- and sent the bill of costs to the Moors to pay. He refuted the excuse that we entered the war in defence of Belgium, and stated that the invasion of Belgium by Germany served as a bit of windowdressing which proved very useful for the cry Remember Belgium." and reminded us that this war was only saved by a bair's-breadth over the Coroccan a ffair, known as the Agadir incident, in 1911, when we were so near war that the Government had its instructions to the newspapers printed in Nov- ember, 1911 (about the last thing a government does before entering a war), but that the storm cloud passed over, and the instructions were put on the shelf and were sent to the newspaper editors in 1914. It was a fine meeting. Collection good also good sale of literature. Many questions were, asked and ans wered. Two new members were enrolled. Councillor T. J. Jones, branch .seere- i tary, presided.


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