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I- I-Kenfig Hill Notes.


I- I- Kenfig Hill Notes. Soldier-Postman Home. Lance-Corporal W. Brooks, who prior to the war, was the local postman at Kenfig Hill, has arrived here on a ten days' leave. He was wounded in the thigh some months ago, and since then has been in hospital in Manchester. Terrible indeed have some of his experiences been, and ones' heart goes out to these, gallant fellows who enlisted with such lofty ideals be- fore them, to fight for a. freedom in another country, when the freedom in their own country is but a. shadow of what they left behind. Bill ie is very popular here, and has the best wishes of us all for a speedy recovery. Kneeshaw's Visit. The attendance at Councillor Kneeshaw's meeting on Sunday at the Workmen's Institute, while being rather small in number, must have received such a stimulus from his speech that we are inclined to think his message will be talked about for some time to come. The mas- terly way in which he dealt with the incom- petency shown by those responsible for the cal'¡'Y- ing out of the campaign in Mesopotamia, caused an impression that will not soon be forgotten, yet it is surprising how many have not given this matter more than a passing thought. Read- ing extracts from the Report of the Commission he traced how forces had been sent from India, presumably to protect the oil-wells of the Anglo- Indian Oil Company, with instructions not to land forces except in cases of military necessity; but necessity knows, no law, so they landed their troops. Although this expedition was started in March it was not until May that the authorities at Whitehall had knowledge of the campaign. Mr. Kneeshaw dealt at length with the awful state of affairs that existed with regard to the facilities provided for the wounded, drawing from his audience exclamations of horror that such sufferings should have taken place because of the incompetency. He paid a high tribute to Surgeon-Major Carter, for the fearless manner in which lie gave his evidence before the Com- mission. We must quickly come to our senses, or else we should find that these people who were the war-makers, would also be the peace-makers. He could conceive of no greater tragedy to the pre- sent and future generations if Labour does not assert itself—and that quickly—and demand a right to take a hand in the drawing up of the peace terms. Consider for one moment the in- sult offered to your class by Lord H. Cecil, I would as soon trust a three-year-old child in an .N(-?a.r-o l d child, aeroplane as I would the working-class to draw up the terms of peace." No, you are good enough to fight, to work in the mines, munition works, or anything else that is heavy and dirtv, but not to discuss terms of peace! Certainly not! "Tlry to realise your power, your united weight, and cry with one voice, loud and clear, we have the right to take a hand in making peace, and we will demand The following resolution was moved by J. Woolley: "That this public meeting held under the auspices of the Kenfig Hill and District Trades and Labour Council protests against the action of the Government in ordering raids upon organisations and individuals, and the seizure of their papers and publications. It regards this action as an attack upon democratic freedom, made under cover of an attempt to suppress paci- fist propaganda, and it demands the immediate return of all decuments seized and the cessation of these attacks upon the libertv of the sub- ject." This was seconded by T. Mitchell and carried unanimously. Councillor T. Wood proved a capable chairman. I I.L.P. Branch Meeting. The above branch held its fortnightly meeting on Monday, when Comrade Elias Davies read a paper on The I.L.P. in the light of history." The paper was well received, and a lengthy dis- cussion ensued. Five new members have been enrolled during the week.

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