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Merthyr. Miners' Protest Against D.O.R.A, The Castle Pit and Level Lodge of the Mer- thyr District of Miners have passed the follow- ing resolution: That we protest most em- phatically against the outrageous regulation is- sued under the D.O.R.A. making it unlawful to issue or distribute a leaflet, pamphlet or cir- cular relating to the war or to the terms of peace without the sanction of the censor, and that. we are of the opinion that the attempt to suppress criticism on the conduct of the war and discussion of the terms of peace is a public scan- dal and an outrage upon our cherished liberties." The membership of the lodge is 1,100. I Miners, Agent. The candidates for the post of agent to the Merthyr District of Miners have been, reduced to two—Messrs. Noah Ablett and B. J.W illiams. The ballot results are — N. Ablett, Mardv 1782 B. J. Williams, Merthyr 952 Dd. Lewis, Winch Fawr 735 Idris Davies, Merthyr. 440 W. J. Francis, Pentrebach -98 The names of Messrs. Ablett and Williams I will be submitted to a final ballot this week. Eisteddfodic. j At Gellideg Eisteddfod held at Merthyr on I Saturday, Troedyrhiw won the chief choral com- I petition. z Milk. -1 Merthyr .Food Control Committee on Friday I advanced the price of milk from Monday to 8d. I per quart. Food Shortage. I There was a shortage of butter, bacon, tea and sugar at Merthyr on Saturday, and queues outside a few multiple shops were at times regu- lated by the police. i Fire at Colliery. Apitman's hut on the, top of the Nixon-Navi- gation Colliery, Merthyr Vale, was discovered afire on Tuesday. Fortunately the outbreak was got under quickly and prevented from spreading for clost by was a big oil-tank. Child Burnt. I Florenøe Henderson, aged eight, Graham- i street, Merthyr, was admitted to the Infirniar _I on Tuesday suffering from severe burns resulting I from her clothes catching fire. Deplorable State of Churchyard. Merthyr Cemeteries Committee on Monday ac- ceded to the request of the churchwardens of the Merthyr Parish Church to put in order the old parish churchyard, which they stated was in a deplorable state. t Two Separate M.P.s. I There will be a separate member for each divi- sion of the Merthyr Parliamentary Boroughs (one for the Aberdare side and the other for Marthyr) in future, and not two members for the one division. Merthyr Policeman Twice Wounded. Gunner J. Pimm, R.G.A., formerly a member r of the Merthyr Police Force, has been wounded the second time in France. Hit in the thigh he is now in hospital at Newcastle. Treefeller's Death. I Accidental death was the verdict at an in- quest held at Merthyr on Monday upon Ed- mund Turner, aged 74, of Garden Cottage, Gwaelodygarth, who was fatally injured by fall- ing from a tree whilst lopping off a branch. Dowlais and Workmen's Hospital. I Dowlais miners at a mass meeting on Sunday passed a resolution in favour of the proposals, already adopted by the Merthyr miners to create a fund for the erection in the town of a work- men's hospital as the solution to the impasse be- tween the workmen's representatives and the Executive Board of the Merthyr General Hospi- tal respecting adequate representation for in- creased subscriptions. A similar decision was ar- rived at by the Dowlais Steelworkers also on Sunday. Corporation Finance. I Merthyr Corporation's balances with their I treasurer at the end of last month amounted to £ 28,899. 1 Merthyr Officers Mentioned." I Mentioned in Sir Douglas Haig's latest despatches are Major-General L. J. Lipsett, son of Mrs. Lipsett, The Cottage, Gwaelody garth, Merthyr, and Captain J. D. Griffiths, his aide- de-camp, son of Mr. W. Griffiths, Pencaemawr, Merthyr. Watch Committee Chairman Fined 20s. I A novel and intricate technical point was raised by Mr. D. W. Jones, chairman of the Merthyr Watch Committee, and also of the Mer- thyr Law Society, when he was summoned at Merthyr on Tuesday by the chief-constable (Mi*. J. A. Wilson) for keeping a manservant without a. licence. Mr. Jones, conducting his own case, objected to the summons, inasmuch as Mr. Wilson (as local taxation officer) had not been authorised to prosecute by the town council, to whom the powers of the Inland Revenue Commissioners were transferred by the Finance Act, 1908. For the defence it was stated that Williams, the manservant in question, who was alleged by the prosecution to be employed as a gardener, was engaged a? a handyman, the services of a qualified gardener being impossible to obtain after the man previously employed had joined the colours. Mr. Griffith (stipendiary): I have no hesita- tion in finding that a licence should have been taken out in respect of Williams. Giving his decision later in the day the Sti- pendiary said it was not necessary for the chief- oonsbabie to obtain special authority from the town council to prosecute in this case. A fine of 20s. was imposed. Alleged Conspiracy. "The story for the defence is in my opinion nothing less than a palpable and impudent false- hood. I believe in this case there has been a conspiracy between the licensee and the wit- nesses Rees and Evans to defeat the ends of jus- tice," said the Stipendiary (Mr. R. A. Griffith) on Tuesday when imposing a fine of £ 20 upon Richard Evans, licensee of the Gethin Arms, Abercanaid, for .supplying intoxicating liquor for consumption oft the premises during prohibited hours, to William John Rees, Pond-street, Aber- canaid, who was fined £ 10, for aiding and abet- L ting. P.C. Da vies stated that he saw Rees leave the house at 9.55 p.m. on December 1st, with > two bottles of stout in his pocket. The defence » admitted that Rees had the stout, but pleaded that it was given to him earlier in the evening hy Evan Evans, of Troedyrhiw. Evans, on oath, refused to disclose the public-house in Merthyr ? from which he obtained the stout, and the Sti- v pendiary stated that he wished he had power to fine Evans as well as the other defendants. I" Steelworker's Saturdays." The question of finishing work at one o'clock instead of four p.m. on Saturdays by all work- men in the Besse-iiiet- and mill departments was further considered by a meeting of the executive council of the South Wales and Monmouthshire Iron and Steel Workers' Association at Cardiff on Saturday, representatives of the workmen at the Ebbw Vale, Dowlais, Oyfarthfa, and Dow- lais-Oardiff works being present. It was reported that the matter was referred to the Ministry of Munitions, and a reply had been received that it was a question for arrange- ment locally between the men and their em- ployers, and that the department would take no exception to the proposed alteration in the working hours if the parties arrived at a mutual agreement. The workmen's representatives thereupon asked the employers to meet them at a special meeting of the wages board to arrive at a decision, but the request had not been as yet acceded to. I' After lengthy discussion, it was decided to cease work next Saturday in the Bessemer and mill departments in all the works in the area affected at one o'clock. An I. L. P. Protest. The Merthyr I.L.P. on Tuesday decided to pro- test to the Government against the unequal dis- tribution of food stuffs that necessitates miners and other workers facing a hard days' toil with nothing more palatable than dry bread in their cans. It was also decided to instruct the dele- gate to the Trades Council to raise the matter at the next meeting of that body.