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Are you a WAR SAVER ? WHEN YOU SPEND SMALL SUMS ON LITTLE LUXURIES DO YOU EVER THINK OF HOW FAR THE EFFECTS OF YOUR ACTION MAY SPREAD? A stone thrown into a pond produces little circular waves which extend and grow fainter until they are no longer visible. But as a matter of scientific fact they eventually reach the very edges of the pond. A similar thing happens when you buy anything which ie not really necessary. The shop- assistant who serves you, the carman who brought the goods from the railway the railway workers, the factory workers who made the article, the engineers who controlled the machinery, the miners who procured the necess.ary coal, the ships and sailors who brought the raw material, are all preventeJl from working for the country because of the demand you and others have created for these unnecessary goods. Could you not, without hardship, forego these purchases, and, with the money you would save, buy War Savings Certificates? Then you would be really helping your Country and yourself at the same time. You can get them at any Pest Office, Bank, or through your Local War Savings Association. Keep each 15/6 Certificate for five years and the Gov- ernment guarantees to pay you £ 1 for it in cash. If you need the money in the meantime, you can cash your Certificates at the Post Office. They increase automatically in value year by year. Each member of a family can bold up to 500 of them. They ai-e entirely free from Income Tax. ISSUED BY THE NATIONAL WAR SAVINGS COMMITTEE (Appointed by His Majesty's Treasury) SALISBURY SQUARE, LONDON, E.C.4 r" II It II -U_II' | DOWIAIS CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, lirnit8d.1 16, 17, 18, and 19, Union Street, Dowlais. DRAPERY DEPT. I' We are now ahowing a Large Assrtment of New Goods for the I I coming Se"on:- I Household Linen. Blankets. Quilts. Sheets. j I Carpets and Rugs. I I — t MILLINERY DEPT.. I Costumes. Jackets. Blouses. Ladies and || < Children's Millinery. t  VALUE AND QUALITY GUARANTEED IF YOU BUY AT I I 16, 17, 18 & !9, Union Street, Dowlais. j Is PantscaHo?, Dowlais. Caeharris, Dowlais. I| High Street, Penydarren. Station Terrace, Bedlinog. I Lu_ It It It II II .i

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