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Representation of the People…

i The -Electric Theatre.I


i The Electric Theatre. I Crowded houses have been the rule this week again at the Merthyr Electric Theatre, the con- tinued popularity of which is easily explained by the uncontrovertible fact that it's programmes always contain the biggest, best and latest re- leases in the cinematograph market. "The mar- riage of William Asche," adopted for the film from Mrs. Humphrey Ward's society novel, has lost littlp of her literary charm in the pictureised version; whilst The .Tide of Life," topping the bill from Thursday onwards, was a production pleasing in conception and gripping in appeal. That delightful young photo-player, Ella Hall, well known to Merthyr audiences as the heroine in almost innumerable serial features and big- reelers, stars in a five-part" Blue Bird picture, Ambrosia," shown on Monday next. The pro- duction is a combination of exciting episodes cleverly relieved by clean and wholesome comedy. Supporting it amongst the usual s hort-drama, educational and interest films, will be one of the hilarious Gaumont comedies, After the balled- up ball." On Thursday's change-over the top of the bill will be occupied by another of the famous Ultus pictures, The Three Button Mystery." Pic- ture-goers are too intimate with the daring ex- ploits of Ultus for any necessity to dilate upon the merit of these features, for not only have his adventures been repeatedly screened at Merthyr but he has, it will be remembered, ap- peared in person at the Electric Theatre. Fairyland," which is also included in the pro- gramme is redolent with the spirit of Yuletide, attractive in it's appeal to old and young, whilst the current issue of the great serial Judex," namely, "The Heart of Steel," brings us to the hero's sore temptation to break his oath and leaves us with the poignant problem, "Has Mother relented? Altogether next week's shows are "top-notch" and more big features are promised for the Christmas week.


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