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Merthyr. I


Merthyr. I Presentation. I Mr. Charles Ballard, assistant-master at. I Twynyrodyn Elementary Schools, on the occasion I of his being appointed headmaster at Treharris Council Schools was presented with a silver tea- service by his colleagues. Late Lieutenant James. 1 Before the business at Merthyr Police-Court on Friday Mr. R. A. Griffith (stipendiary) paid a touching tribute to the late Lieut. C. B. James, S.W.B., whom he described as a gallant officer and a perfect gentleman. E70 Flitch of Bacon. I £ 300 was realised for the British Farmers' Red Cross Fund by an agricultural jumble sale at Oefn Coed on Thursday. A flitch of bacon, pre- sented by Mr. James Davies (Secre.tary) and put up for raffle brought in R-0. Better was sold Cefn Coal Depot. I Vaynor Food Control Committee are setting up a coal depot for the distribution of small quantities of coal during the winter months. ;CIO-Mi-lk Pena-ity. I John Llewellyn, a Bedlinog farmer, was fined CIO at Merthyr om Friday"for selling milk al- leged to contain 11 per cent. of added watr, A defence that the milk was left for some hours I on a doorstep- whilst deliveries were being car- ried out in other streets was described by the Stipendiary (Mr. Griffith) as unsatisfactory. 11 On the Water Waggon." Professor J. A. NielloHs, Boston, U.S.A., spoke to audiences of Merthyr temperance people at Pontmorlais Chapel on Thursday. He said 26 of the 48 states in U.S.A.—or about 80 per cent. of the territory—were under prohibition law, whilst he was of the opinion that by 1920 the whole of the United States would be on the water-waggon. Not a single dollar had oeen paid in compensation to the brewing interests, after prohibition legislature, in either the States or Canada. Ignorance of the Law I When summoned at Oefn Coed on Thursday for selling oatmeal at 7d. a pound (M. per lb. ahove the stipulated price) an old lady, Mary James, said she had never heard ot 'the food prices regulations. A nominal fine of Is. was imposed. 1,000 Members By Easter. I The visit of J. R. Macdoiiald, M.P., to Mer- thyr on Sunday afternoon, when he addressed a priva/te conference of I.L.P.ers from the two I Valleys that packed Bentley's Hall, has already had its effect in Merthyr, for, on Tuesday night, the local branch decided t,& engage on a 1,000 Members by Easter Campaign; and to that end sanctioned recommendations from the manage- ment committee to put up a local speaker at all Rink meetings to appeal for recruits; appointed six persons to canvass Rink audiences, and sec- tionalised the Borough area so that every mem- ber will be under the wing of a comrade who will have under his care ten members, and whose duties will be to keep in touch with his section, and to secure fufrther members within his area. In no case are more than ten persons to fall under the care of one individual, and so, as re- cruits are enrolled, further collectors will be r appointed. 'Johii Stut-rls Visit. It is a pity that the visit of John Scurr to Merthyr last Saturday—when he spoke at Treve- thick Hall under the auspices of the Star of the East"— should have been attended so sparcely. This was largely due to the organ- isers, who were not present at the advertised time of starting. The result was that several persons after vainly trying to secure admitt-ance went away under the impression that the hall was full, and the doors locked for that reason. Sourr was in unusually fine form, and his expo- sition of Socialism, without the name, TPA a bril- liant indictment of Capitalistic Society, econo- mioally, politically and ethically, and a con- vincing argument for adhesion to the saner and r more scientific Socialism that Scurr so well re- presents. Sound Bodies, Too! The I.L.P. on Tuesday nltght appointed a small Committee to tackle the question of re- creation for its young men members. The first point to be tackled is that of forming a Soccer teaan in connection with the branch, a departure pressed for by our members of play- ing age. It is hoped that once this is settled the committee will take in hand the question of cricket, bowls, and other outdoor and indoor athletic pastimes and exercises. N.S.P.C.C. Activity. The Merthyr Branch of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children delalt with nine cases during October, affectimg 31 children in our looality. Bedtinog Doctor's Conduct. Dr. John Taylor Parks, Bedlinog, was fined 2-0/- at Merthyr Police-court on Friday for being drunk and disorderly in High-street, Bedlinog, and his alleged conduct was characterised by the Stipendiary (Mr. Griffith) as disgraceful for a. professional man. It was stated that defendant had threatened to put Police-sergeant Gill III ■■will mill IWIIWIII HMU—I through it and had hammered the police- station door. After the case had been dealt with Dr. Park arrived in court and apologised for his inability to attend earlier. Stipendiary: The officer who proved the case gave a very bad account of you and we fined you 20/


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