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I -Mid-Rhondda Notes.

Merthyr Notes. I


Merthyr Notes. I Bakers' Wages Advanced. Merthyr Master Bakers' Associati on have granted the operative bakers' request for 7/- m week advance in wages, to take effect from Dec. 1st, thus bringing the minimum weekly m-oo of "first hands up to 56/- a week, and "d hands to 54/- a woek. Died in Church. Holy Communion at the Roman Catholic Church, Merthyr, on Sunday morning was in- terrupted under tra.gic circumstances. Whifet the service was ia progress a member of the oon- gregation. named John Kellaher, aged 00, ef Picton-et-reet, was seen to collapse and fall back in his seat, and on being carried out to the church porch was found to be dead. Brisk Boxing at Penydarren. A baxmg tournament at the Ptmydarroa Cinema, Merthyr, on Sa-turday was marked by a premature ending to a ten-round contest be- tween Bob Beavan, R.hymney and Bat Abbot, Dowlais, the former putting Abbot our for the count in the fourth round with a smart right hook on the point. Going the full 10 rounds,Rees Mitchell, Dowlais (runner-up in the Welsh eight- stone Amateur Competition) beat Dai Williams, Rhymney (champion of the Rhymney Valley) ,on points. Young Mitchell piled up points with brisk left, his leads, however, being discounted by his faihjre to follow up a dvantages thus gatined. Williams was the stronger fighter and handed Mitchell heavy body punishmest. Wil- liams was not satisfied with the bout, and chal- lenged Mitchell to a 15-round match far a side stake of C25 in three week 01; a months' time. Private Joe Johns. Royal Engineers, ex-light- weight champion of Wales, back home on leave from France, refereed in both contests. Can McCarthy, Dowlais, matched in a six- round contest, with Tim Harrington, Merthyr, gave up in the fifth round. A clever three-round exhibition was givetIl. y Tommy Williams and Sam Jennings, of Dowlais. A Stolen Watch. I- For stealing a watch, valued £ 8, belonging to Esau Harris, Tirphil, a thirteen-year-old Pen- gam schoolboy was ordered six strokes of the birch by the Merthyr magistrates on .Friday. Gas-Meter Theft. Charged with stealing 4/- from a gas-meter at his parent's house in Barlev-streeb, Deri, Thomas John Morris (17) now of Pengwn wag fined 20s. and costs at Merthyr on Friday. Miners' Agent Ballot. The ballot for the post of agent to the Mer- thyr District of Miners resulted as follows:- B. J. Williams, MerthyT, 1234: David Lewis, Merthyr, 829; Idris Davies, Mertvhr, 689; Noah Ablett, Mardy, 551; W. J. Francis, Pentrebach. 208; John Prowle, Aberdare, 114; T. J. Evan* Merthyr, 82; David Parry, Merthyr, 44; Thomas Davies, GTynneath, 31; William An field, Treher- bert, 21; Oaradoc J&mes, Pontardulais, IS; D. J. Jones, Tredegar, 18; John Thomas, Tredegar, 17; George Hitchings, Maesteg, 10; Hugh J. Williams, Treharris, 10. The names of the five candidates heading; the list will be submitted to a further ballot of the workmen. Penydarren Y.M.C.A. Hut Campaign. The strong Committee got together to further the above, having decided to make a bold effort to reach R250 as the Penydarren quota to the fund, organised a series of concerts. These took place on five nights at the Penydarren Cinema during the week ending November 17th, and were so well attended that the sum of £87 10s. was realised. The Committee, were fortunate in having the loan of the Cinema free of charge, the proprietor, Mr. Price, Mardy Hotel, thus acting in a very generous manner. The staging waa kindly lent by the officers of Bethesda and Zoar Churches, as were pianos by Mr. W. Burr, Music Warehouse, and Mr. W. Williams, f2 Lan- caster Villas. Curtains and decorations were loanetl. by Messrs. R. T. Jones (Merthyr), J. S. Davies (Dowlais), and Gwemllwyn and Horeb Churches. The programme, which was of a varied nature, was contributed to by the churches and schools of Penydarren as well ag outside friends. All the itom. were splendidly received, but special mention must be made of the Penydarren School items, which were encored every night. The Dusky Picanninnies played their part m to the manner born, the four principals evoking roars of laughter. The green ribbon song and dnoe" by the Girls' School was a pioture, and one of the finest items of its kind soon in the district. The Boys' School, not to be outdone, went through their dumb-bell exercises with swing, and precision leaving nothing to be de- sired, whilst the beautiful singing of the Boys' Choir was a revelation to those who had no-b heard them previously. The performance each evening was concluded with J. 0. Francis' sketch, "The Bakehouse," the Caste of which wias sustained by the teachers of the PttnydarreI1 Schools. Eisteddfod. A suooassful Eisteddfod in connection with Hermon Chapel was held a.t the Central Schools, { Dowlais, on Saturday. Chief choral, Abercanaid Mixed Choir (conductress, Madame Webber Lewis); juvenile choirs, Dowlais Young Choris-, ters (conduotor, Mr. Morga,n Davies); aoprano solo, Miss A. M. Jenkins, Penygraig; contralto so lo, Miss Gladys Arthur, Beaufort; chief reci- tation, MIS. Ourtis, Penydarren tenor solo, Mr. Richard Lewis, Penywern; open solo (women), divided between Madame Cutter, Elbbrw Vale, and Miss Gladys Arthur, Beaufort; open solo (men), Mr. Morgan Edwards, Mountain Ash. 10.000 Women a Month! Addressing a meeting at the Merthyr Town Sail on Friday, Lady Maokworth said an effort was being made to enrol 10,000 women per month for the W.A.A.C. Mayoress's Brother Falls. A well-known Merthyr solicitor, Lieut. 0. B. James, South Wales Border ere, a son of Mr. Gwilym James, military Tribunal, and Mrs. James, Llanwysg, Crickhowell, and a brother of Mrs. N. F. Hankey, Mayoress of Merthyr, died of wounds in France on November 23. Educated at Eton and Magdalene College, Oxford, he, after qualifying as a solicitor, became a partner in the firm of Gwilym James, Charles and Davies, solicitors, Merthyr, in 1900. He joined tfoa O.T.O. in September, 1916, and was gazetted to the Borderers in May last, leaving for France the same month. Lieut. James was a member of the GelHgaer Hunt, and whilst at Oxford achieved some distinction as an oarsman. A vote of sympathy with the family WM passed by the Merthyr Town Council on Tues- day, on the motion of Mr. D. W. Jones, who said that Lieutonant James' dearth cut short a most promising career. Alderman David John (depu'ty-mayor) seconded. Dowlais Time Not Legal. The difference between- Dowlais and freax- wioh time was mentioned in a Central Ooabroi Board (Liquor Traifc) Order prosecution. at MtJr- thyr 011 TUiooa", ,heu Pa.trick Mu.u&field, land- lord of the Sun Inn, Dowlais, wag summoned for supplying Wer at 5.51 p.m. (before opening time) on the 21st inst. Mr. Mans^eM, in evidence, stated that he had satisfied himself It vrm six o'clock feefere the doors of the public-house wore ope-i&ed, and ono of the Dowlais hooters had previously sounded. "Dowla.is is a most bewildering place to keep time. There are five different sfeaiidarcfe—rail- way time, pos^-offioc time, two WDrks. hooters, and a puMic clock over Messrs. Guest, Keeai, and NettlefoMs' stables. I ondeavour to k$6p the boot time I can," he added. Dismissing the summonses on the payment of 4Gs. costs, Hi-. R. A. Griffith (stipeadi&ry) said he was satisfied that a bona-fide mistake had been made in the time, but intimated that Dow- rl.a, time, whioh Was five to seven minutes bB- fore Greenwich time, could not be red as legal. Time-piaoeii should be adjusted by post- office (Greenwich) time, Burglar Chawrls Loes, At Tuesday's moo-uing of the Mertkyr Town Council Mr. D. Davies (Pant) said a Dowlais workman who, finding a midnight intruder in his bedroom, chased and captured him in the garden only received 4s. for attending subse- quent police-court prsoeedings, and 10s. Aid. for the day he spent in giving evidence at the as- sizes. The man lost 16s. 6d. a day ia wages, plus his bonus, for the time he was in 'the courts. The burglar had offered him a few pounds to let him off. (Laughter.) Could nos the watch committee compensate workman for his pluck P Mr. D. W. Jones (chairman of tke watch committee) repMed that the committee had no funds for such a purpose. Uncertificated Teachers' Demand. Merthyr uncertificated school tea<ohsi«, who ad,o paid at a flat rate of zC65 pGr annum, are petitioning the education authority for a, salary minimum of £ 100 a year. Ministry of Health. Mr. F. A. Phillips iiioviod. a resolution at the Merthyr Town Council <-xn Tuesday in favour of the establishment of a Ministry of Health to be vested with the main lwahh functions of the existing central auHiorities. To-day, he said, the country was in a state of chaos as the re- sult of the multifarious authorities who dealt with the health of the people. After discussion it was decided to refer the matter, which arose from resolutions sent on from Bradford and Barnsley, to the Health Committee. Y.M.C.A. Motor Case. At Merthyr on Tuesday Mr. F. S. Simons (Messrs. Simons, Smyth and Daniel, Merthyr), gave notice of appeal against the decision of the Stipendiary Magistrate(Mr. R. A. Griffith), in the case in which Mr. W. Gor&n GriSthat, or- ganisi? soo?'et?ry of the Y.M.C.A. Hut Cam- paign in the Merthyr Brough, was &n?d IN. far using or causing or permitting to be used petrol substitute, contrary to the Motor Spirit Restriction Order, by using a motor car for journeying from Merthyr to Treharris and in- termedia,te places. Mr. Simons stated that the Y.M.C.A. Association, London, had decided to appeal in the matter. The usual recognisances were entered into, and the oase will be heard at the next Quarter Sessions for the County Borough of Merthyr. Secondary School Teachers. A new phase of the difficulty, of dist-ributiiag the Fisher Grant to secondary school teaohers in the Merthyr Borough was reached oia Mon- day when iollowing the withdrawal of the re- signations tendered by the assistants a Sub- Oommittee of the Education Authority met a deputation of the secondary school teachers, con- sistin of Miss A. Gornall and Mr. R. H. Pugh (Intermediate School) &nd Miss E. Growther and Mr. S. Adams (Cyfarthfa). Ooun.. Enoch Morrell, J.P., presided and the deputation, in putting their case, explained that they objected te the differentiation between aon- gi'aduates, two of whom had been put on the graduatss, scale, wbi1et others were not ivo6od to that figure. They also expressed dissatisfac- tion at tAie new scale proposed for the gra,duates and asked that they should receive at leaust L40 per annum more than non-graduates. They further objected to the fact that only E540 out of the £ 2,007 received as the Fisher Grant con- tribution for secondary education had been given in teachers' salaries and demanded that ab out three-fourths of the grant should go to the m- sistants. Alter discussion the meetinig was ad- journed till a date not yet fixed. Municipal Employees Wages. Merthyr Town Oouncil- on Tuesday turned down 4a lecopunendation from the General Pur- poses Committee that unskilled workmen should receive an additional 4/- a week, making their weekly war bonjus up to 15/- and adopted an amendment moved by Mr. D. W. Josies and seconded by Mr. Gomer Thomas that the bonus should remain at 11/- a week and that an ad- vance of 2/- a week should be given able-bodied unskilled men. Mr. John Davies, Dowlais, made QII. emphatic protest against the amendment which, he said, hit the lowest paid workers. What the Council should do was to go for the profiteers." Aid D. John (presiding): That doee not arise now. Mr. Da,vies: Some people are making fortunes and robbing the public wholesale whilst others are starving. The council ought to do it& duty in that direction. The majority for the amendment was three. It was also decided to reject the General Pur- poses Committee's recommendation that an ad- ditional bonus of 3s. per week should ke granted to the road inspectors. Canteens for Children. Dr. Alexander Dunoan, medical officer of health, suggested to the Merthyr Schools Man- ageme" Committee on Wednesday the estab- lishment in Dowlais and Penydarren of O.ntœ,RS for poorly nourished school-children on the linee of that already in being at Brecon-road, Mer- thyr. Many children, he said, were only getting bread for every meal. A special sub-committee ,wastllppointred to go into the, matter. "Starin The East." Mr. John Scurr, sub-editor of the Herald, and a well-known lecturer and writer, speaks this (Saturday) evening at the Trevethick Hall, Merthyr, under the auspices of the loeal centre of the Order of the Star in the Baet" an What is wrong with the World? Glamorgan (guild. The 29 th annual meeting of the North Glam- organ Needlework Guild was held at the Bush Hotel, Merthyr, yesterday. Mrs. W. T. Craw- Shay, formerly of Cyfarthfa, now of Oaversbam Park, Reading, presided. It was reported th&t the number of garments contributed this year was 3,980, which will be distributed- to the fami- of soldiers and sailors, and the dseeirviag poor. The exhibition was visited by a fcirgje number of associates nd friends.

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