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A COGENT QUERY WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH THE I ABSOLUTIST? We have received an interesting and long letter from Mr. J. M. Williams, of Bedlinog, in tho course of which he deals with the con- ooieDitious objector, and in particular with the Absolutists, over a thousand of whom to-day languish in the prisons of the land. He points out the rights of these men under the Military Service Actc, and contraists it with the penal nature of the degrading punishment that has been meted out to them, and proceeding says: "It behoves all democrats to show in no un- decided manner that this barbarism must eeaae. Trade Unionists, in particular should lelave no stone unturned until P, juster treatment is ob- tained. Let no one labour under the delusion that ours is an attempt to exploit the Unions. Indeed, it is a matter of vital importance, to Trade Unionism, when the dismal dungeons of I ,r.), d e our land are thronged with. political prisoners, who are refused even the scanty privileges granted to such. This kind of tyranny, if al- lowed to continue, will ultimately cripple trade- union activity. "Many may not agree with the Pacifist view- Ploint of the war many also may not agree with the attitude of the out-and-outer, and think that that attitude cannot be maintained to its logical conclusion others may regard all C.O.'s as faddists and fanatics-as founders of great movements generally have been. But all, I think, will agree that these men have sufferod unspeakable, hardship, and proved to the hilt the honesty of their convictions. They have stepped out of the beaten track of public opinion, and their feet are bruised and bleeding. To-day they are useless to the com- munity if released some of them might be use- ful to their fellow-men. Moreover, they have the rights of Personality which even in our en- thusiasm to free small nations, we cannot afford to over-ride. And they have a right to a better treatment under the very law by which they are .punished."

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