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Rhymney Valley Notes.

Socialist To Fight Aberdare

Briton Ferry Notes.I

IMaesteg Notes.

Pontypridd Notes.I

What, Oh What! !


IJ I The New Censorship 1

Go-operators and Trade Unionists


Go-operators and Trade Unionists NEEDED RESOLUTION FROM PLYMOUTH. Among several matters of special interest to trade uniociists at the forthcoming quarterly meetings of the Co-operative Wholesale Society is a resolution frani Plymouth Society to the effect that every employee of the C. W .S. shall be a. member of a trade union which is affiliated or eligible for affiliation to the Trade Union Congress. C.W.S. employees number 30,000. Of these 5,130 are serving with H.M. Forces, and £ 404,000 has been paid to them in allow- ances SlilictL, the war began. The Directors' l'e- port recommends that P.500 ber grand to the central fund for co-operative parliamentary candidates. The C.W.S. sales for the past quarter realised £ 12,939,438, an increase of £ 1,124,283. Sup- plies from its own factories amounted to £ 3,924,085. In the Banking Department 474 trade unions and friendly societies have current accounts, beside 276 clubs and mutual organi- sations. In addition there are 143 deposit ac- counts of trade unions and friendly -3ociertiog which have no current accounts. The bank turnover for the thirteen weeks was £ 75,182,236> an increase of £ 12,154,303.

Motoring to a Fair.

The Electric Theatre.


The New Censorship Order

I - Kenfig Hill Notes.