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IJ I The New Censorship 1


The New Censorship 1 J. R. MACDONALD'S COGENT QUERIES. Some importamt questions relating to tDt1 new censorship were put in the House of Com- mom .on Monday by Mr. J. R. Macdonald, who asked whether articles which had appeared in the press might be reprinted and circulated without being submitted to the Censor, and I without bearing the names of their authors. Sir G. Cave replied in the negative. Mr. Macdonald asked why a. reprint of an article that had appeared in a newspaper widely circulated should be submitted to the Censor. Sir G. Cave: Statements may appear iD newspapers that are uneenwored. If they are reprinted as leaflets they must come under the new regulations. Mr. Macdonald asked whether R,egula,,tios 27c affected the issue of addresses by Parlia- mentary candidates and members in their con- stituencies aad whether candidates and mem- bers would have mo obstacles put in their way in putting their views before their constituen- cies in leaflet or any other recognised form. Sir G. Cave It is not intended that these ad- dresses should be interfered with by the Regu- lation, and I will endeavour to make this clear by a direction to the Press. Burealu or in some other way. Answering four questions Sir G. Gave Raicl: It is inconvenient to reply to general questions about the meaning of the Regulation. (Hear, hear.) Members can inter- pret the Regulation for themselves.

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