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Rhymney Valley Notes.

Socialist To Fight Aberdare

Briton Ferry Notes.I

IMaesteg Notes.

Pontypridd Notes.I

What, Oh What! !


What, Oh What! Here is a specimen of what the Government does not raid or suppress. From John Bull," 24/11/17. "How long, how long?—How musch longer is the Government going to hesitate be- fore they put the Macdonaldbacker-Schnowden- stein gang against a wall and shoot ? What do they intend to do about the meeting at Essex Hall, announced for November 24th, when it is stated that these pernicious pro-Germhun paci- fists will propose a resolution, "That this annual conference of the Loadon Labour Party calls on the British Government to bring this country's part in the war to an immediate conclusion. What the Government ought to do is to bring Macdonaldbacker and Co. to an immediate con- clusion." And this has a certified circulation of nearly a million and three-quarters claims, not without, at least, a, show of reason, to dic- tate the policy of the Government, and claims to be the first-favourite of the soldiers in the trenches. And it is exported unhindered, to re- present us to the rest of the world. What must it make the rest of the world think of us, mind, maimers, and morale alike?


IJ I The New Censorship 1

Go-operators and Trade Unionists

Motoring to a Fair.

The Electric Theatre.


The New Censorship Order

I - Kenfig Hill Notes.