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Rhymney Valley Notes.

Socialist To Fight Aberdare

Briton Ferry Notes.I

IMaesteg Notes.

Pontypridd Notes.I


Pontypridd Notes. I.L.P. Meeting. On Sunday afternoon, November 18th, Leonard Broad lectured on "Progress of the Workers," Pryce Vaughan presiding. In the evening comrade J. Williams (TYeherbert) de- livered an able address on "Patriotism," his argument being largely based on the evolution- ary principle. Oliver Jenkins presided over a good attendance, and Pioneers 'were sold out. On 8¡ln(la;)' øYelinp¡, November 25th, Comrade J. Sparkes, BecHmog, was the speaker. His subject, ? Con?ien'tious Objectors veT?us Con- scientious Shirkers," sparkled with wit and hu-j mour. Comrade Jov%iah Jones chaired, and Comrades Tom Rowlands, Humphreys, Andrews, Hughes, Vaughan and Ivor Morgan also spoke. Willing to Argue. rn r< At the laat meeting or the iracies council, Comrade J. Baker in the chair, arising out of a recent lecture and discussion op Land Reform, the Local I.L.P. intimated its willingness to de- bate the feiibj ect that" Taxation of Land Values will not benefit the working-classes" The pro- posed increase in workmen's fares war. referred back to lodges for discussion. New I. L.P. Branch. A branch of the I.L.P. branch has been formed at Taffs Wells, and Comrade Owen Hughes recently lectured there on "Socialism in Britain," arrangements being made for a return visit. A C.L.C. class, conducted by J. Cook, is also held here on Thursday evenings. 1

What, Oh What! !


IJ I The New Censorship 1

Go-operators and Trade Unionists

Motoring to a Fair.

The Electric Theatre.


The New Censorship Order

I - Kenfig Hill Notes.