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Rhymney Valley Notes.

Socialist To Fight Aberdare

Briton Ferry Notes.I

IMaesteg Notes.


Maesteg Notes. I.L.P. Activities. The illaeiteg I.L.P. branch held the first of the Winter Campaign meeting at the Coopera- tive Lecture Hail, on Monday, when Comrade George Neighbour (Mountain Ash) spoke on Industrial and Social Unrest." Referring to the educative work of the I.L.P. he said that 20 years ago our late chief, Mr. James Keir Hardie, had tried to get the country to taive up national graaaries, afforestation, and land re- clamation schemes, but the country turned them .down. Yet what a boon it would be to the country to-day were these- suggestions then adopted. Touching upon profiteering, he said that it was no new thing for the capitalist sys- tem was based upon profiteering. It was run for profit and not for use. The war, however, bad given the capitalists their chance, and they had taken it. The I.L.P. would have nothing to unsay or explain away for what they had said or done respecting the, war for the the last 3, years. The only other sections who had been consistent were the profiteers and the C.O.'s. The first because they continued to make more profits, and the O.O.;s because they in time of peace were opposed to war, and now they re- fused to take part in the war or to assist in amy way its prosecution. Miss A. Hughes (Abercy- non) divisional orgamising secretary of the N.C.F., appealed for funds1 for the dependants of C.O.'s, and a retiring collection realised 11/1. A new member was enrolled for the I.L.P., and another for the N.C.F. Will all please rally te those meetings to keep the "flag" flying? Kneelaw and Wallhead are coming- in the first two weeks of December. Comrade A. G. Jones presddefl.

Pontypridd Notes.I

What, Oh What! !


IJ I The New Censorship 1

Go-operators and Trade Unionists

Motoring to a Fair.

The Electric Theatre.


The New Censorship Order

I - Kenfig Hill Notes.