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Rhymney Valley Notes.

Socialist To Fight Aberdare

Briton Ferry Notes.I

IMaesteg Notes.

Pontypridd Notes.I

What, Oh What! !


IJ I The New Censorship 1

Go-operators and Trade Unionists

Motoring to a Fair.

The Electric Theatre.


The New Censorship Order

I - Kenfig Hill Notes.


I Kenfig Hill Notes. I I. L.P. Twenty-nine more members have joined the local branch of the I.L.P., making the present membership 89. It is hoped that no effort will be spared to keep the organisation thoroughly alive to the possibilities that can be obtained by a vigorous campaign of propaganda. Neighbour's Visit. I The first of a series of propaganefea meetings took place on Friday at the Workmen's Insti- tute, when the Rev. G. Neighbour addressed a fairly big audience, to whom he drummed home the true position of the working-class in the Jll- dustrial world at the present, robbed of tools— the means of lyi-odlicition nd exploited for the purpose of creating surplus-value. Did they realise that they were greater than the wtelth they produced? that they were entitled to a much larger share of that wealth than went to Labour in the name of wages, and that it rested with themselves alone how lomg this state of affairs should last? Mr. Neighbour also has a humourous side to his speeches, and many were the jokes that he turned to excellent account a* illustrations of grimmer happenings. A Comrade's Death. We regret to announce that we have lost one of our comrades, W. F. Thoimas, who was one of the victims of an unfortunate accident at Ty- Tahvyn Colliery, a wall falling on him and causing such injuries that he succumbed two d3,yS later. He was an accomplished musician a.nd would have been a great asset to the branch. Much sympathy is felt for the widow and three children.