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The Electric Theatre.

Rhymney Valley Notes.



The Hospital Impasse. I I

A Hardie Memorial Hall


A Hardie Memorial Hall MANY Socialists outside of the Merthyr Valley have wondered why no active scheme had been set on foot to adequately commemorate the as- sociation of Hardie with Merthyr during those last strenuous fifteen years that ended so dis- astrously for. Socialism in his death a little over two years ago; many more inside the Borough and its immediate environs have felt even more keenly that some such scheme should ere now have been reaching completion, and in this they have reflected a large mass of sympathetic un- attached opinion in the locality, as the enthu- siasm with which the stray references to such a scheme made time and again at our public meetings have attested. But it must be re- membered that keenly as the local oomrades de- sired to launch themselves on such a love-task as this they had to remember that the National body had instituted a National Memorial Fund in connection with which the N.A.O. pleaded for the united activity of every branch in the three kingdoms. Before we could shoulder the task that was nearest to our hearts we had to carry our share of the bigger load. That we did, and now that we have concluded our fair share in the bigger task we have returned with enthu- I siasm to that other task of building a shrine wherein we may preserve for a long time to come our appreciation, our admiration, nay, our reverance for the greatest man it was ever our privilege to know or work under, and wherein will meet those disciples from afar who oome to do homage in the Mecca of the great Prophet of Democracy., However hard we strive we can never give adequate outward representation to ,our inner feelings towards Hardie, but we are all determined that that outward appearance shall bear some testimony to the love with which the memory of Hardie is recalled by all true Socialists, trades unionists and the great band of spiritually allied Democrats who even to-day look back on Hardie as the great John the Bap- tist of our day and generation. To do that we shall have to ask the co-operation of all who knew and loved Hardie, and we feel that we shall not ask in vain. The initial step in the sinking of the fund for this purpose has been taken in the iiiauguration of a prize-drawing in the sale of tickets in eonneotion with which the alliance of every branch from Land's End to John 0'Groats will be sought. We bespeak it the reception it undoubtedly deserves.

National Memorial to Hardie.

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Y.M.C.A. Organiser.

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