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Merthyr Notes.

?TT! V?? * *T?l The Electric…

I Railwaymen and Leicester



EVERY PRINTING ORDER given to the Pioneer Press" means more Ammunition for Party Propaganda. Get into the Line of our MUNITION WORKERS. 1Vomell Workers, Sftrie8-No.4. "We Tan out of tea ■ one day last week, so Mother made us all a big, g H strong cup of Rowntree's Cocoa for breakfest. I 9 t ■ felt so well all the morning and not a bit nervy, H ■ so I said, Mother, I think I'd like Rowntree's H H always.1 I feel twice the girl I was, and there's this H I about Rowntree's that the more you drink it the H more you like it." I 1% GGtpof I j I fwwnike^ Lbcoa I I .,r ili/b-ø. nuuJ

I.S.1,YV'd'.! Interesting…

Avan Valley Notes. I

Rhymney Valley Notes.