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Newport Notes. I

An Aberdarian's Book.

ILlanelly Notes.


The Enemies of the PeopleI

The N.U.R. and the Trades…

A Message From Emrys ,. Hughes.

Flat Rate for the Building…


I The Teachers' Revolt. I

IMaesteg Notes.I


I Maesteg Notes. Wallhead at Maesteg. Under the auspices of the local Co-operative Education Committee, Mr. R. C. Wallhead lec- tured at Maesteg on Co-operation and Demo- cracy and exposed our patriotic capitalists, laying their system bare in all its hideousness. As illustrations he showed how thousands of tons of potatoes were exported to Chicago when there was an acute shortage in this country, thus forcing up the home prices; and how tea was t similarly exported to Holland and Denmark.

I Briton Ferry Notes.

I Pontycymmer Notes.