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Merthyr Notes.


Merthyr Notes. I.L.P. The I.L.P. Male Voice Party will mefet at Bentley's on Monday at 7.30. There is still room for vocalists. On Tuesday a special, sum- molted meeting of the I.L.P. Merthyr Branch, will be held in the Rooms, when important busi- ness will be brought forward for discussion. Wounding Charge Fails. Wm. Jno. Lewis, a locomotive fireman of Dowlais, was charged at Merthyr on .Friday with unlawfully wounding Daniel Kennedy, a lad of fifteen, joy-riding down High-street on a four- wheeled plank, by kicking him on the right arm upon which there was a contused wound necessi- tating three stitches being inserted. Mr. E. Roberts, Dowlais, for defendant, put foiward complete denial of the allegations, and suggested the injuries were the result of the lad falling off the plank. Mr. R. A. Griffitffih (stipendiary) in- clined to think the affair an accident, discharged defendant. Single Member Constituencies. The final recommendations of the Boundary Commission provide that Merthyr Tydfil shall be divided into two parliamentary divisions—Aber- dare, consisting of the urban areas of Aberdare a,nd Mountain Ash; and Merthyr, consisting of the County Borough of Merthyr—with a mem-, ber for each. Guardians' Exposure of Milk Prices. Milk was raised from sixpence to sevenpence a quart at Merthyr on Sunday, twopence being charged for the half-pint. Yet, Mr. John Prowle at Saturday's meeting of the Merthyr Guardians when he opposed a recommendation from the Farms Committee that the price of milk sold by them should be advanced to 2s. a gallon, "We are getting a ripping profit now by selling at Is. 6d. a gallon. We are setting an example by raising the price for unscrupulous profiteers to follow." The only milk they sold was the sur- plus after supplying thee Homes at Llwvdcoed and this to the Aberdare Red Cross Hospital. He moved that the priae per gallon should be fixed at Is. 8d., and the Rector of Dowlais (the Rev. at Is. 8d., WTilliams) secon d e d Mr. Meth Davies, Ll,-w. Williams) seconded. Mr. Meth Davies, however, moved the adoption of the committee's recommendation. Mr. S. Bolwell, seconding, said it was tfaeir duty to relieva the rates, and if other people charged increased prices why not they ? Eventually on a division the recommen- dation of the committee was adopted. At the same meeting a tender for milk-supply to one of the Guardians' institutions at 2s. 4d. a gaJIon was accepted. Baritone's Death. Sapper Gwilym Jones, Royal Monmouth En-I gineers, a well-known baritone of Brecon-road, Merthyr, was killed in France by a shell on October 1st. He was in civil life employed at Gethin Pit, Abercanaid. The" Berry" Institute. Tke Merthyr Trades Council's proposals for raising £ 3,000 for the endowment of scholarships at the J. M. Berry" Technical Institute was approved of by the Merthyr miners at a mass meeting on Sunday, and it was agreed, as ap- pealed to, to contribute a levy of one penny per iran per week for twelve months towards the realisation of the amount required. The scheme was explained by Mr. Enoch Morrel1 (chairman of the Merthyr Education Committee). Merthyr No Cowards' Castle. Merthyr miners at a mass meeting at the Rink, on Sunday, decided to instruct their dele- gates to the Cardiff Conference on Monday to disassociate themselves from the new scheme for combing-out from the mines the 1914 men, and to vote for the continuation of the agitation for the raising of the basis of income tax assessment from £ 120 to R160 a year. Mr. B. J. Williams, deputy agent, after ex- pressing pleasure at the wages increase granted by the Coal Controller said more would be heard in future of dealing with the State instead of private employers. With reference to the comb- out question, he remarked that Merthyr miners had never agreed that the mine should be a cock-pit or a coward's castle in which men might shelter from military service, but they had all along been against war. (Hear, hear.) If the war was just it was everyone's duty to fight; if it were not then it was not their duty to further any scheme for sending men to the army. That was the attitude in Merthyr. (Applause.) Wanted: Food Control. k I Complaints regarding the prices of foodstuffi3 were ventilated at Monday's meeting of the Mer- thyr Watch Committee, when Mr. D. W. Jones (Ghairman) drew attention to the fact that there was a shortage in the town of 'butter, tea and other commodities, and that tea. was being charged at 4s. per lb. Ald. D. John: And 4s. 6d., too. Mr. T. A. Rees (Town Clerk) said he knew some grocers told their customers they had the Government" two and four-penny tea in stock but could not recommend it. Mr. J. A. Wilson (chief constable): I have had no complaint of that. The chairman also pointed out that more was being charged by some tradesmen (so he was told) for bread than should be. The Chief Constable replied that he did not think so. If any such cases were reported to him x he would be only too glad to prosecute. The price of bread in Merthyr was lower than in any other town in Great Britain, the majority being sold at Std. a quartern loaf. Chairman: Before the prices were controlled Merthyr bread was one half-penny above Ponty- pridd and the Rhondda. Chief Constablfe I have a surprise packet for some people next week. There are summonses pending now. The milk-vendors' advance of their prices being mentioned the Chief Constable said: That matter will come before the Food Committee. The Food Committee have power to lay down the price of milk. The Chairman: It is very extraordinary that a district like Merthyr, surrounded by a pastors Ij neighbourhood, should be the first to raise the price of milk to 7d. per quart. Discussion then closed. Colliery Fatality. Morgan Thomas (45), haulier, of 6 Mansfield- terrace, Dowlais, was killed by a fall of roof at the No. 1 Bedinogl Pit on Monday. It appears he was leading a horse attached to a tram of coal when the tram jumped the rails, dislodging some timber supports and bringing down upon him about a ton of debris. A Question of Relief. An old lady from Georgetown was sent by the Merthyr Guardians to Portheawl Rest or Southern-down, and during her fortnight's stay there her out-door relief was stopped. Mr. John Prowle described this suspension of relief at Saturday's meeting of the board as diabolical, and Mrs. V. A.Wills pointed out that the woman would have had to pay for her lodgings in Mer- 4hyr even though she were away. Eventually it was agreed to grant out-door relief for the two weeks in question with an additional allowance of 253. to cover the cost of the old lady's train- fare to the convalescent home. The Electric Theatre. The return of the Triangle dramas and the comedies to the Electric this week have 'oeen a source of delight to the big audiences that the popular houses .always attract. Douglas .Fair- banks in the "Habit of Happiness," the Mon- day to Wednesday big feature, was his own vivacious and clever self. As a picture it was a treat, as an example of cinema staging and act- ing it was superb. And the greatest feature of the week is the stupendous production of The Flying Torpedo," that heads this half's pro- gramme. It is a romance of invention as -full of startling plot and counter-plot as an egg is packed with nutriment, and there is a splendid supporting series. For next week programmes of unusual merit are booked. Interesting Acquisitions at Cyfarthfa Castle. An oil painting of Merthyr High-street as it existed probably in 184S or 1850 has been ac- quired by the Museum and Art Gallery Com- mittee. It shows in distinctive colour the archi- tectural condition of the centre of the town at that period. The outlook is somewhat similar to that of -a well-known old engraving of Merthyr but there are differences in point of detail. The name of the painter it unknown. To the museum has been added an old harp—the gift of a towns- man. The name, W. F. Frost," is inscribed upon it, and it may be concluded that the in- strument belonged to Mr. W. F. Frost, Mus. Doc., who lived at one time at Cardiff, and was one of the most skilful harpists of modern Wales. A Hearty Send-Off. A smoker and presentation, under the auspices of the Heolgerrig A.F.C., was held at the Six Bells Inn, lat Tuesday evening, in honour of one of the club members, Lance-Corporal Freddy Pedlar, who has been home on leave after two years' hard service at the front. Mr. W. J. Richards presided. The presentation of a wrist watch and silver cigarette case, given by the members of the club, and a £1 note, kindly given by Mr. J. Griffiths, the landlord, was made by Mr. Dd. J. Williams, who in a fine speech wished Lance-Oorporal Pedlar "boil" voyage and a speedy return. Friend Pedlar gave a few words and thanked all his friends for the handsome gifts, which he would always remember. A fine programme was gone through and everybody seemed to have enjoyed themselves. The even- ing concluded by singing How can I bear to leave Thee and God Save the King." Merthyr Grocers' Protest. At the meeting on Tuesday night of the Mer- thyr Grocers' Association a strong protest was made againat reported observations at the Watch Committee with regard to the alleged high prices of tea. It was mentioned that there was a short- age of all classes of tea, and that for good medium descriptions grocers themselves were prepared to buy at 4s. 4d. per lb., and that one had, indeed, given 4s. 6d. per lb. Thev repu- diated any interpretation of profiteering. Merthyr inventon. Mr. Francis Reynolds, who has already in- vented a safety pit cage and other life-saving appliances, has now completed an invention for locking and unlocking the doors of a passenger train whilst in motion, and has received provi- sional protection for it. He has ingeniously constructed models to illustrate the working of his clever device. Allocation of Fisher Grants. Thslre was a record attendance of about 300 members of the Merthyr branch of the N.U.T. on Saturday night at Abermorlais, under the presidency of Mr. D. Price. The greater part of the discussions, which lasted three hours, centred upon the details of the proposals of the Merthyr Sub-Education Committee for the allo- cation of the various increased salaries in con- nection with the local Fisher grants, which amount to P,7,800 for the year ending March 31 next. The proposals, which have to come be- fore the Merthyr Education Authority for rati- fication on Monday, were accepted. It may be added that the uncertificated teachers who have reached the maximum scale of £ 65, and are separately concerned, do not apparently take the same course. Cabbage Pilfering. A young Pentrebach woman. Gwendoline Thompson, was fined 10s. at Merthyr on Tuesday for stealing two cabbages, valued 6d., from an allotment. M.C. Wounded. Intimation was received on Wednesday by Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Green, Pentrebach House, Pentrebaeh, that their son, Captain W. T. Wil- liams-Green, M.C., Manchester Regiment, was wounded in France on Friday last, a sniper's bullet piercing his right side b and comng out through the small of the back, but the wound fortunately is not considered dangerous.

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