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The Education of the Child

Sub-Contracting in MinesI


-Subsidising Technical Education.

The Possibility of Pauperism


The Possibility of Pauperism MERTHYR GUARDIAN'S PROTEST I AGAINST INADEQUATE PENSIONS FOR I SOLDIERS. The possibility of men discharged from the forces with inadequate pensions being pauperised by circumstances was the subject of strong pro- tests by the Merthyr Guardians on Saturday, when an Aberdare soldier, discharged owing to wounds from the Army, made an application for outdoor relief. The Rev. Llewelyn M. Williams (rector of Dowlais) said that these ex-soldiers should be maintained at all costs, but from the Imperial funds and not at the expense of the ratepayers. He moved that the War Pensions Committee, London, should be communicated with, and asked for a definite statement of the board's obliga- tions in such circumstances. Mr. Sam Morgan protested it was a disgrace that a, wounded man should be forced to appeal for Poor-law relief. He had gone out to fight for his country only to lose his citizenship if he got relief from a Poor-law authority. The Rector: It is far bettter for him to have, his wife and family fed properly than to have a vote to send men to Parliament. After further discussion, the Rector suggested that a way out of the difficulty would be to give the man "sick" relief, thus allowing the £ 1 2s. 6d. a week pension granted him by the Army authorities to go for the maintenance of his wife and children. Mr. John Prowle declared that the board should not subsidise the Government. Mr..F. T. James (clerk), advising that no re- lief should be granted, pointed out that were such a precedent created hundreds, and prob- ably thousands, of such applications might be received. The application was eventually declined, and the clerk was instructed to communicate the facts of the case to the Central War Pensions Committee and the Aberdare War Pensions Committee.


For What Purpose?

IAvan Valley Notes.