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r The Technical Education…

I Mid-Rhondda Notes.

Qorseinon Notes.

f, Maesteg Notes.I


f, Maesteg Notes. I I U.P. I S (n ^°"dav- tevienibet 34t?, at the Co-op 8?? al Centre Hall, the I.L P Io<?! branc h held OC'lal Centro Hall, the LL,P. lomal branch held Sl1ccessful ?'?etmg, with Comrade Noah Tro- frar»\s (/tMr ountain Ash.) as spea k er. He spoke upon ,a.s(Moll.l1tain Ash) as poo,ker. He spoke up:on ???'??? ?? ?Nd O'tl Man, ?nd the in- ??i?r t'on he had ?iven to the Movement. '@htlig tribute to ?"r old chief was great and  h rt ?- ?o?v his spirit had animated the I.L.P. I dill"the Present wai'; how it had strengthened I 8ta d. sustained" our boys who had taken their thnd as 0.0.'II,a11tl others that had worn the "br ? ? ?Tow for "peaking the truth as it a.p- ??a? to them. Th ra(,(,?ing W" not &0 large &8 we should (lav l'k b aN76 like(i it to be, but those who were present %ent ^,Way inspired with the spirit of Hardie, re- ;i:cd and strengthened as a tired worker. ?. ??6ction wa? good, as was the sale of %?, 'Mure. Comrade T J. Dineen presided. ?r? ? will be held in the above hall every It "ndav evening at 7 p.m. All are welcome. We ^0uldn!^e to see a few more members attend Wt>,v* ^ings. Although the attendance is \lQ. tel' than ? ??? the cas? during the last threev 1.U '"5' a here are still empty seats that re- ?T  ninng. We ar& arranging to have one ??P?ra ker per V??' ?'??3 the winter. Look out & t>/ 6 int?i' Prog,me which will be puh- ?,l h"d ill Ti P'oneer when the ?rrangement& are "lêted.

(t Merthyr Vale Notes.I


I Cefn-y-Bryn Colliery.

Aberavon Railwaymen's Secretary.

Tonyrefail Notes.

Pontypridd Notes.

i Technical Science and the…

1Pontycymmer Notes.I

I_Briton Ferry Notes. -: I