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Briton Ferry Notes.


Briton Ferry Notes. I.L.P. Meeting. On Sunday, August 5th, despite ratl?r iac'I? ment conditions, the LL.P. had their us"? v jneetin? in the Crown Park. It was address^ by CbHnciUor Jo?ph Branch and Mr. D. ?' j ?ort, who spoke on theCouncil for Workup and Soldiers—what it is and what it stands for- I J?N The chairman was CounciHoj Geillin--A The collection amounted to ?1 Is. H-d. JH Carnival. II The second annual combined fete, fancy faiiyjH and cajnival took place on Thursday, A'?gust2?? and proved a great success. 4H Why? *1 The Corporation cars which run between .j SkeAven and Briton .Ferry notify that after w August 6 tales will be increased. Increase oi .? speed or comfort is not guaranteed. Tinplaters Dissatisfied. A mass meeting or tlle oriton Ferrv, NeatB" and Afan Valley districts of Tinplate Workers held at Briton berry last Saturday had under discussion the present position of the trade and the recent orders issued by the Dilution of La- bour Committee. After a very lengthy and ex- haustive discussion it was decided to adjourn the meeting until to-day (Saturday), and a, Sub-Com- mittee of five was appointed to draft a resolu- tion to be submitted to all branches of Tin- platers in the three districts in time to allow tlie* delegates to Saturday's meeting to dome with the decision of their branches. The Committed has drawn up the subjoined resolution "That Tinplate Workers in the Neath. Briton- Ferry, and Afan Districts protest most vinplia-, tically against the resent order issued by the DI- lution of Labour Committee, further extending the combing-out process in tinplate works. "Having carefully considered the present posi tion of our trade, the serious hardships and many privations endured through loss of work and Avages, and the many hard-won principles: that have been taken from us in the interest of the war. we call upon our respective Executives to summon a joint conference of the trade at an early date so as to form an united policy as tD"; our future action."

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