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I Lord and Lady Dalmeny.


Lord and Lady Dalmeny. TWO ADVERtiSEMENTS. The Tiniest June 26th, 1917:- I, Albert Edward Harry Mayer Archibald Primrose, commonly called Lord Dalmeny, of The Grange, Bletchley, in the county of Buck- inghamshire, hereby give notice that I will not be responsible for any debts conferac-ted by my wife, Dorothy Alice Margaret Augusta Primrose, commonly called Lady Dalmeny. Dated this 21st day of June, 1917.-DALMENY. Witness— Charles Russell, Solicitor, 37, Norfolk-street, Strand. London, W. C." The "Times," July 10th, 1917: "With reference to the announcement in the public Press by Lord Dalmeny that he would not be responsible for any debts, I, Dorothy Dalmeny, commonly called Lady Dalmeny, hereby declare that the sum total of my indebtedness at the present date is represented by the following figures on my personal account: —To Child's Bank, £ 164 6s. 2d.; Pam., £ 110 15s. 6d.; Max- well, £ 12 9s.; H. Jackson and Co., £9 8s. 5d.; Adele Vonet, £ 30 17s.; Hamley, Bros., £ 1 3s. 4d.; Mr. Aokland, j63 8s.; Emile, Ltd., £1 4s. Id.; Ware, Ltd., £ 22 Is.; Rowland Ward, t2 10s.; Barrett and Sons, £23 19s.; Burberrys, £ 24 3s.; Esther, Ltd., t43 Is. Zyrot, L72 17s.; Garrads, £ 18 5s.; Hooper and Co., C16 7s.; Cal- lot Sosurs, t77 IDs. Rouch and Co., t5 16s. 9d.; Pytchley Garage, £ 16 Os. 9d.; Bartley, £1 13s. -) Brigg and Son, £6 Os. 6d.; National Linen Co., af2 14s. 9d.—total, P,666 15s. 3d. On my household account C2,060, represent- ed by a bank overdraft which has accumulated since the year 1910, and which Lord Dalmeny from time to time has had full knowledge of, and until the recent advertisement has never objected to. And I further declare that since my mar- riage in 1909 Lord Dalmeny has never made, any payment on my account beyond a certain fixed personal allowance which has never exceeded £ 1,000 a year, and an allowance for household expenses which has never exceeded £ 1,000 a year. July 9th, 1917." Considerable surprise has been caused by the modesty of the figures involved, having regard to the reputed wealth of the families concerned. Lord Dalmeny is the eldest son and heir of Lord Rosebery, who is always understood to have been left between three and four millions ster- ling by his wife, who was the only daughter and heiress of Baron Meyer Rothschild. Lady Dal- meny, whose marriage took place in 1909, is the youngest daughter of the late Lord Henry Gros- venor. She is regarded as one of the best women-aiders to hounds in England. Lord Dalmeny, who was formerly in the Grenadier Guards, has been occupied during the present war in despatch carrying and in Staff work. He has just gone to Egypt on General Allenby's staff. His brother, the Hon. Neil Primrose, who is married to Lord Derby's daughter, recently re- signed his position as Chief Whip to rejoin his regiment in Egypt, and was given a farewell dinner by members of the House of Commons. He is at present at Aldershot. World," July 17th. 1917.

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