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Tonyrefail Notes. Presentation Meeting. During the week a presentation meeting was. held at Tonyrefail, when Major E. Edwards, of Coe dEly, was presented by the local patrons,. with a sword of honour, on his ascendancy tall his present rank. It is rumoured locally that the propriety of the gift odes not coincide strictly with military etiquette. It is said that it is necessary to have won military distinction before receiving the- sword of honour. This does not in any way, even if true, dero- gate the gallant major, who cannot in any sense he responsible for any such breach by anyone who desires to honour him. Also it can hardly be expected that the civil promoters would have any knowledge of military etiquette and could only be guided blindly bytheir great love for the sword. The occasion also reflects somewhat of a paradox, and which, happily can be inter- preted, to most people, by the abnormal prevail- ing conditions, i.e., the faith of the representa- tive of both the established church and the Non- conformists in the power of the sword. At last a millennium has been realized and the triple al- liance of Conformists, Non-conformist, and the Military have a common cause in the worship of the God of War. Here they are united to drive out the devil, by the helpof Satan. For all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword," Matt- 26, 52. A Boubtful Innovation. Changes are rapidly taking place owing to thÐ" war. Previously, it had been the custom .and rule at Coed Ely Colliery n). to prevent anyone collecting in or about the mines for any cause1 whatsoever. This rule and practice is undoubted- ly a. good one, and it is to be deplored that this custom and practice has been departed from, and a new innovation excercised for the express pur- pose of the presentation. Funeral of Industrial Hero. The funeral of the late Alfred Evans, of Prit- t chard-street, Tonyrefail, took place on Tuesday? June 26th. He met with a fatal accident at the' Coed My Colliery and leaves a wife and a large family to mourn his loss.

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