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Briton Ferry Notes. j

Wage Earners' Income Tax

Russia's Reply to Seamen.…

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Maesteg Notes. I Trades Council Notes. I A special meeting ot the above eouncu was held at the Maesteg Co-operative Lecture Hall on Wednesday last to pull up the business that had fallen into arrears. Several reports from de- legates appointed to attend conferences on 'be- half of the council had not been received. After the minutes had been disposed of and the cor- respondence had been read including one invita- tion from the f.tocal War Savings Committee, it was decided to have the report of the War Emer- gency Workers National Committee's conference on the "Food Per il" held at Swansea some time ago, and Mr. Thos. Roberts (N.U.R.), of Caerau, who was the delegate, was called to give his re- port; out of which two or three questions were asked and snswered. Next on the list was a report by Coun. J. Hughes, of Caerau, upon the 'conference of re- presentatives on public bodies (Labour) held at Cardiff on Whit-Tuesday. He gave a very good but short report with special emphasis upon the pensions question. Coun. J. Evans, of Nanty- ffvllon, supported Coun. Hughes and exposed the red-tapeism used in the administration of the Pensions Royal Warrant. He also read out the report of the Government auditor, who, after having been over the Maesteg accounts, con- demned the action of the Maesteg Committee as being too sympathetic to soldiers and sailors and their dependents, showing that they had over- stepped their mark in generosity and were liable to being surcharged. A very pardonabieoffence in the eyes of Labour. On being questioned regarding the rumour that they would be surcharged, Coun. Evans said he did not know whether there was anything in it or no, but he was of opinion that it would he a good thing for them (the committee) and the soldiers and sailors and their dependents if it. came off. The next business was a report by Coun. John Evans, Nantyffyloln, of the Housing Conference held some time ago at Cardiff, to which he was the delegate. The three reports were adopted as satisfactory and the report of Leeds Conference was held over until next Wednesday, owing to the lateness of the hour. It was decided to appoint ,a repre- sentative to the Local War Savings Committee. The secretary was appointed. The question of giving evidence before the Committee on Indus- trial Unrest was relegated to the E.C., who have since decided to offer to submit evidence to that committee. Maesteg Miner's Wife. A miner's wife in a letter to Mr. Hartshorn the other day made out such a case regarding the cost of living at the present time that Mr. Hartshorn invited her to give evidence before the Committee on Industrial Unrest, and she is to have a special invitation to give evidence. This only shows the assistance working women would be to the nation but for the sex barrier.

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The Electric Theatre.

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