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Briton Ferry Notes. j

Wage Earners' Income Tax

Russia's Reply to Seamen.…

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Bargoed Notes. I The Study Circle. I On Sunday evening the Study Circle met, as ususfil, to discuss the proposed two-days' Sum- mer School," the main object of which is to bring about an understanding between those who believe in political action, and those who believe in industrial action. Comrade Pope, leading off to discuss the merits and defects of the two, urged that the unemployment scheme of tie Miners' Federation was, in effect, subsidizing the employers. Comrade Matthews urged that trade unions were valuable up to a certain point, for organ- izing the workers. We must get M.P.'s to re- present every industry. That would need In ncl:1 education; but what knowledge had Brace of agriculture? But he got it tip, to enable hLn to represent South Glamorgan. rrhearmy was an object-lesson in what could be done in the way of organization, surely the like could be done to build instead of destroying. Comrade Jones urged that only decently-fed children could either think or work well. The object of the Summer School was to find common ground for the politicals and the industrialists. Tonypandy had been suggested, but was too out- of-the-way and difficult to get a.t; Pontypridd or Hengoed would be more central. Comrade W. T. Lloyd told us that many small trade-unions had, by now, united into one; but there were still 75 building trade unions, each with its own office rent and staff of officials. The industrial parliament for the building trade pro- posed by a C.O., should be a great improvement. The politicals were the best trade unionists wit- ness what I.L.P.ers everywhere had done,, in the way of building up the trade unions. Miss Pankhurst's Visit. I On Sunday, the 24th, Sylvia Pankhurst paid us her first visit. We met in the Workmen's In- stitute. Mr. W. T. Lloyd took the chair. There was a large audience, who followed the bril- liant address closely, and punctuated the p- sages with loud applause.

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Tonyrefail Notes.

Oakdale Branch I.L.P.


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The Electric Theatre.

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