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r" FT H EAT RE ROYA t ,1 I ? AND EMPIRE PALACE, MERTHYR. ?-? < Resident Manager Mr. R. T. REA. 1 I 6.45. es¡dent :E IGH:T.EA.. 8.45. 1 Week commencing MONDAY, July 2nd, 19?7. I Another Sensational Drama by the Watson Mill Repertory Company, entitled, I j THE SHADOWS OF A GREAT !y 1 N A Good, Wholesome, Sound Play of Deep Domestic Interest, and one of the I I 5 Greatest Dramatic Successes of the times. I ■ Special Costumes, Dresses and Special MU8ic and played by an 1= Excellent Company of Artistes. S POPULAR REDUCED PRICES— I I POPULAR REDUCED PRICES- 1 ¡.- < ¡o.a: Tax :h¡'O come ;oto force :¡:.).' -.¡ I f now been abandoned, therefore the Tax will be as usual. | z Early Doors to all Parts. g» Lit .It_It .t II II II II jMerthyr Electric Theatre1 I Merthl! co!!a!Uly!eatre I | CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE FROM 2.30 TILL 10.30 P.M. DAILY. I ? Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday- I jPF" HER MATERNAL RIGHT i I A Gaumont Drama. I ) SONS OF OUR EMPIRE-Parts 9 6 10 (The Final). 1= THE SHIELDING SHADOW (Episode 1) New Pathe Serial. ■ I This Serial is now running in the News of the World." (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday- I r Th? P!under?r I: Fox Drama. ■ THE FEATHERED NEST, Triangle Comedy I I THE PURPLE DOMINO (Episode 1), New Trans Atlant c SeriaL J 5 This Serial features the Players who were so successful in Peg o' the Ring." 2 I Prices as usual—3d., 6d.f and 1 s. Government Tax Extra. I ? Children's Matinee on Saturday at 10.15—1d. only. 5 L.. II It II II .i The action take") by the Joint Board and the "Statement" issued by the Labour Party, which are referred to in the following pages, deserve a reply. Here it is. It is addressed to the entire Labour, Trade Union, and Socialist Organisations of Great Britain. Study it well, and dtecuss it in yeur Societies, for the future well-being of the Working-class Movement depends upon yout verdict. Now Rpa?V Price Sixpence Now 1\ Post Free Seveapence 'THE TATTOOED MEN,' OR LABOUR LEADERS THE AND WORKERS' MONEY: The full story told by FREDERICK TEMPLE, (Author of Interest, Gold and Banking," War Finance and the Worker," &c.). I London: THE COMMONWEALTH PRESS, 118, Cannon Street, E.C. BLANCHARD'S PILLS Are unrivalled for all Irregularities, &c., they speedily afford relief and never fail to alleviate all suffering. They supersede Pennyroyal, Pill Cochia, Bitter, Apple, &c. Blanchard's are the best of all Pills for Women. Sold in boxes, lit 14. by BOOTS' Branches, and all Chemists, or post free, same price from LESLIE MARTIN, Limited, Chemists, 34 Dalston Lane, London. Samples and Valuable Booklet sent Free, Penny Stamp. THERE 18 ONLY ONE OINTMENT THAT CURES And. this Is supplied by Chemists and the MANNINA OINTMENT CO., FISMOUARB, And is sold in Three Strengths—1, 2 & 3. 'Phone 597. 'Phone 597. WILLIAM TRESEDER, Ltd. THE NURSERIES, CARDIFF. WREATHS, CROSSES, CUT FLOWERS, &c. BEDDING PLANTS. Asters, Stocks, Dahlias, Margnerites, Lobelia, &c. Tela: "TRESEDER, FLORIST, CARDIFF." THE TEMPLE, TRAMROADSIDE, MERTHYR SUNDAY, JULY 1st, 1917. Morning Service 11 a.m. Evening Service 6 p.HI. Speaker MR. E. J. POWELL, (Resident Speaker). Special Afternoon Service Men Only. T'rance Address. Doors open 2.15 prompt. Closed 2.45 sharp. PRELIMINARY NOTICE! Soldiers' & Sailors' Fund A GRAND HORTICULTURAL SHOW New Hall, Pentrebach, August 23rd. Schedules to be obtained from Mr. J. B. REKS, Berry House, ABEROANAID.

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