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Maesteg Notes.


Maesteg Notes. I.L.P. Notes. ? '?. 1 11 The Maesteg branch of the l.Ju.F. is still Hold- ing the fort, and on Monday last we held an- other open-air meeting near the Co-op. Stores; this time without any interruption from anyone not excluding the bank clerks. The speaker was Comrade Owen, of Pontypridd, who took for his subject Socialism and Poverty," and he smash- ed completely the old arguments that drink and gambling was the cause of Poverty and proved that to a great extent poverty caused the workers to turn to those two wees. He stated that if the workers were placed in a proper econ- omic position that very little of either would have any place in the lives of the worker. Ig- norance and apathy caused by the continual grind of the work-a-day life and the poor econ- omic condition caused the workers to turn to gambling in an endeavour to easn a little more pocket money or to drink to try and drown their misery. He also pointed out that those who con- demn the worker for putting Is. on a race or. a football match never condemned the bigger gamblers on the Stock Exchange. A. G. Jones took the chair. At the branch meeting on the previous Mon- day we enrolled six new members, making a total of 11 for the month. On Thursday, June 28th, John Scurr, of Lon- don, adorns our platforui. Please note the date. Maesteg Miners and National Council for Civil Liberties. I ani informed that on Saturday, June 9th, Maesteg miners at tbair monthly meeting de- cided to affiliate to the National Council for Civil Liberties, and on the same day Mr. Hartshorn, the District Miners' Agent, had an article in the "South Wales Daily News" upon the same subject. National War Savings Committee. I The above Committee held two meetings at the Maesteg Counci l Assembly Room on Wed- nesday last week with the object of forming a local committee, the speakers were Miss Fraser blnd Dr. Abel Jones, of Cardiff, the attendance at the afternoon meeting was chiefly confined to teachers, there was a fair attendance at the evening meeting. Miss Fraser was the first speaker and dealt very extensively with the subject. Dr. Abel Jones, following, gave us some figures dealing with Glamorganshire's investments in the small war savings association. At question time one of the audience asked if it was correct to say that the intention was to have one committee to deal with v-»r wiving-food ccntro* 31* Fraser answered that, the Ministry for Fooii would not recognise any food committee nor give it any grant unless it acted through the War Savings Committee. An amendment was moved and seconded "That we form a separate com- mittee to deal with the Food Control," but after an explanation by Miss Fraser the chairman re- fused to accept the amendment, and upon the resolution being put to the meeting only four voted against it. A committee was then formed of 28—seven from each ward in the town, later two ladies were appointed from each ward in addition to the 28 men. It was further decided to write to aJI Trade Union Lodges, the Co-op. Society, Trades Coun- cil, Free Church Council and the Chamber of Trade, inviting each body to send a representa- tive to the Committee. Mr. Hartshorn, miners' agent, was also co-opted, and the vicars of Maes- teg and Caerau were appointed to represent the Church of England whilst the priest was ap- pointed to represent the Roman Catholic Church.




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