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Tonyrefail Notes. I Benefit Concert. I The benefit concert for Mr. Albert Prothero organised by the Gwalia Glee Society was a great success. The rendering of the programme pro- duced great satisfaction locally, and everyone praised it. The Aion Chapel was kindly lent for the occasion. It is often said by the inhabitants that it is unfortunate that there is not a con- venient public hall for the purpose of providing facilities to hold such concerts and meetings of general and common interest, without having to fall back on the religious bodies for the loan of their buildings. Co It is said that about £ 800 has been collected for wounded soldiers and soldiers home on fur- lough from the front. If this is true, it is a re- markable contribution to the temporary w-elfart- of the boys. Now the concerts on Sunday have been stopped by the Patriotic (?) District Coun- cil, and the fountain of this contribution has been closed. It is also said that there is a large amount collected for the war memorial. Mr. It. Lloyd, late manager of the Cilely Colliery, spoke, at a recent gathering and expressed a similar opinion that it was unfortunate that the public did not have such a hall. He also suggested that no better memorial could be, dedicated to the fallen heroes than a Public Hall, where they could be commemorated constantly by such public gathering and would be always in the public eye and memory, rather than a monu- ment at the cemetery where we only visit with bowed head s and heavy hearts when we are com- pelled by circumstances. Such an expression and suggestion deserves publicity and should have the serious consideration of the War Mem- orial Committee. Undoubtedly if such an under- 6te d lv if suc h an un d er- fating was entertained it would have the general support of the public. If £ 800 can be contri- buted for temporary benefit, surely twice as much can be obtained for a permanent memorial in the services of the public.

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