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* :Peace Society Meeting.


Peace Society Meeting. REV. HERBERT DUNNICO AND QUESTION I' OF DISARMAMENT. The 101st annual meeting of the Peace Society was held at the Offices, New Broad-street, Lon- don, 00 Friday, when there was a good attend- ance. Mr. H. Sefton-Jones presided, and the annual report was presented by the Rev. Her- bert Dunnico, who deplored that among the effects of the war was the adoption of Conscrip- tion. The question of Disarmament was, he said, no longer an academic one, but a matter of life and death for Europe. The war would leave the belligerent nations greatly impoverished and heavily taxed; and it was unlikely that peoples who had felt the horrors of warfare would permit their Governments to pursue any longer a policy that inevitably resulted in wars. The failure of militarism was writ large across the world; and the armaments in which nations had trusted for security had robbed them of it. Referring to the idea underlying the proposals to form a League of Nations, Mr. Dunnico said that unless some solid foundation was laid for an assured and durable peace the sacrifices en- tailed by the war would have been made in vain. The acceptance of such proposals by the Great Powers would mark a new epoch in the history of the world, for it meant the substitution of a real co-operation of States in place of rival groups and competing alliances. The drafting of the Constitution would require wise statesmanship, for the success of the League would be deter- mined not by what the League did to prevent war, but by what it did to promote peace. The Annual Report calls attention to the special preparations for expanding the Conti- nental work, announces the opening of the new offices in Paris last September; and refers to en- couraging reports received from branches in South and West Africa, Australia, Ceylon and China. The extension of the work to Russia. and Spain is under consideration. Mr. Dunnioo reported that he had addressed upwards of 300 meetings and travelled 20,000 miles in Great Britain during the year. Mr. T. Richardson, M.P., afterwards ad- dressed the meeting.

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