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The Electric Theatre. I


The Electric Theatre. I No better top-liners for Whitsun, or any other special attraction week, could possibly be found than two new .Fox dramas. I would have said that a month ago as a belief, this week's houses at the Electric, where two of the best things that the Fox people have done are starring, has proved that my belief was excellently founded. Her Hidden Past," the star film from Monday on, was easily one of the best stories that the great company has handled, and it was handled by a caste even more distinguished in its per- sonnel than those other Fox siiperbs we have had. Then there was the usual real'ly good comedy from the Triangle laboratory—I refuse to describe the birth-place of such good pick-me- ups as a cinema studio. "Love will Conquer" was done in the best Triatigie vein of burlesque, and with all their care of casting and staging that we have come to expect; and the result was a spontaneous, continuous, joyous amd ever rising ring of laughter from first to last. Liberty came to a final happy ending after a run which has proved more interesting than most adventure serials. "The Beast," the Fox headline star for the second half of the week, is a dramatic story of the West that has never been excelled in the long list of Western dramas; if it has ever been equalled, which I personally very much question. The small space at my disposal is hopelessly in- adequate to convey even a faint impression of the iron grip of interest in which the story of the bad Beast's" redemption through the in- fluence of the "Beauty" held me. It excels Jack London or Rex Beach at their best. It is as virile as the great virgin lands with which it deals. "The Tale of a Shirt" was the comedy, and an excellent one too, and Mary Page still holds in a tense wonderment of anticipation. It is the greatest mystery film of the season. Next week's programmes are unusually tempt- ing. First we are to be introduced to the most remarkable trained Chimpanzee of cinema land, Jacko," who plays a big part in a sensational and exciting four-reel drama" The Dumb Genius." But though given a lead in the title and in the play, The Dumb Genius is not a film of silly tricks by a monkey; it is a strong story extremely well told. Then we are to have Sons of Our Empire," the best of the official war films, and another Triangle laughter-raiser, "Maid Mad." Hoodfnan Blind" is the Fox star from Thursday, and it is only necessary to state that Wm. Farnum is leading to pack the houses. "Vampire Ambrose" is the Triangle; and "Dawning Hope" is the Mary Page instalment. PLAYGOER.


* :Peace Society Meeting.

Peace Now or in Two Years…

,The Railway Comb. I