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.=——== II i I Guy Aldred Again…


= —— = = Guy Aldred Again Sentenced, 18 MONTHS FOR SOCIALIST WR I Tgo, The well-known Socialist editor of the <P?3 ? Guy A. Aldred? was recently court-ma?" ?eo for the third time at Farnborough. Tb? $00' tence was promulgated on Friday last ? months' imprisonment. At the same ti? ?d sentences of Fred H. Sellars, R. E. Morris i? a Christian objector named Nickolson, VV ?ois opposed to the Alternative Service ScheB? promulgated. tsP It will be remembered that Aldred cOn troo ?a skin disease owing to the conditions U00,der which he served in various of H.M. priso^^j jjo his many friends in this district wil rbl- s* ugs l?' 'tO know that Guy has now recovered his biC» health, and has lost none of the fine spin.1, ^c has always characterised him.

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|" Chum" Nabbed. I - I